I Wish It Was An April Fool’s Joke!

Last year, I pulled an April Fool’s joke on you guys and gals on April 2nd, but this year, the scale pulled a serious prank on me. I had no idea an April Fool’s prank could be programmed into a scale.   It has to be a prank! There is no way the scale could show me a number that high without it being a prank!

Here is a link to my prank last year. https://lost100pounds.wordpress.com/2011/04/02/

As I type this, I am not even sure I will post my weight, because nobody would believe the number is anything other than a April Fool’s prank.

I’ve been using the end of the competition and my birthday celebration as an excuse to go crazy since last Wednesday. I had a terrible Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Blows my mind that I could gain as much weight as I did in just 3 days.

I am certainly feeling the fool looking at the scale this morning. I should have stopped after seeing the insane jump in my weight yesterday, but I kept chowing down and here I sit today with a MASSIVE gain in just a few days. Sure, a lot of it is sodium and water related but a big chunk is real fat gain.

Ugh!!! I stopped blogging for a few days and that gave me the opening to go stark raving cookie monster MAD! MAD, I tell you, MAD!

Yup. I was a raving lunatic of food consumption!

Thursday’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey Burger with cheese

Lunch – Fruit Medley – Bananas, pears, plums, oranges

Dinner – Baked chicken with salad

Snack – Turkey burger, cheese, slice of cake

Calories – 1750

Friday Off The Rails

Breakfast – Turkey burger and fruit


Dinner – GIANT Grilled Chicken Caesar

Snack – More Fruit

Calories – Unknown

Darn donuts got me!!! There were four boxes. I avoided them for three hours. Unfortunately, by 10:30, two boxes still remained and my willpower crumbled. I wish I could say I ate just one. Or two. Or three. 😛

‘There was a ton of chicken and Caesar salad left over from Wednesday which I brought home from work for dinner. Super salty and loaded with high calorie dressing.

Even Worse Than Friday, Saturday’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – Chinese buffet – two plates and some dessert

Dinner – BBQ brisket with leftover Caesar salad. 2 brownies

Snack – ICE CREAM!!!

Calories – The Horror……The Horror………

The trip to the Chinese Buffet was a birthday cheat. It wouldn’t  have been so bad if not for all the other cheats.

Weight Statistics

Thursday – 164.4 – I gained 4 pounds from the Wednesday lunch!

Friday – 163.9 – A slight dip down with a semi-decent Thursday.

Saturday – 167.6 – A rocket-propelled rise after all of the sugar!

Sunday – 172.5 – OMG! 12 pounds heavier than last Monday!!!

I told you, you wouldn’t believe me. It will probably take a few days of seeing my weight slowly creep down before you realize the number is real and not an April fools prank.

The good news is that I have behaved today and I am back on the straight and narrow path. The bad news is that I had to JUMP UP 12 pounds before I could retake control of my brain……

The angel on my shoulder evidently was on strike for a few days but I have regained my senses. Time to work down the damage.

Tip Of The Day!!!

Wow! The last few days really prove the importance of accountability for long-term success.

I stopped blogging and I stopped posting my weight and food consumption in myfitnesspal.com. Look what happened!!!

I went TOTALLY off the rails.

I’ve learned my lesson. Heck, I started this site with one main purpose, to keep the weight off. The last few days really does prove how much I need to keep posting on this site.

BE ACCOUNTABLE. Keep a food and weight journal and create your own blog. I know I will get back to daily posts. I learned my lesson the hard weigh. (pun intended) 😛

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.

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  1. Brain cells die everyday, but fat cells live on forever.

    Congratulations on putting on the brakes.

  2. Excellent website. A lot of useful info here. I’m sending it to several pals ans additionally sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you on your sweat!

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