Whenever the guy on the show Quantum Leap was in trouble, he would exclaim, “oh boy!”

Long time no blog. 😛

I’ve got a lot of ground to cover so…… Oh, boy!

Weight Statistics


167.5Amazingly I lost weight on Thursday, even after eating the Wednesday lunch


168.7 – Boom. I knew I would get a delayed bump up from the Wednesday sodium fest.  Plus I had some leftover white beans and sausage on Thursday. This gain was not a surprise because the white beans were incredibly salty and sausage is always loaded with tons of sodium.


 323/171.7/159.9 –  Oh boy! Yesterday I went to the office impromptu crawfish boil. I ate until I needed to be rushed to the hospital.

The artichoke dip with Ritz crackers did a fair amount of damage. Then the crawfish, boiled corn, garlic and potatoes rounded out the damage. Even though I was near exploding, I had to force down some blueberry cobbler.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Double shot of Peaches and Cream Oatmeal

Lunch – Crawfish, corn, potatoes, spinach dip, peach cobbler, sugar cookies and a few other nibbles.

I need to hand out some blame to my sister for her insanely tasty Spinach Dip which always kills my diet and a new entry from Celeste. Her peach cobbler was fantastic!!! Both of them are to blame for my MASSIVE gain which will occur tomorrow.

The good news is that my cheats are over. I have a steak dinner cheat this Friday but I should be able to get back to a lower caloric intake. The bad news is that 2 days of SOLID cheating with TONS and TONS of sodium will have me very close to my panic weight of 175. Amazing how fast I can reach that panic weight with just a few days of cheating.

BUT…… I am not feeling guilty about it.

Tip Of The Day

This diet worked for me because I didn’t go with 100% restricting myself all of the time nor do I really beat myself up too much over cheats. I don’t even consider the last 2 days cheats. Holidays are exempted from my diet. I decided I would do that all the way back at the beginning. I decided it would be a LONG-TERM diet so cheats here and there would not hurt and in the end would actually help me stick to the diet long term.

My mother did ask me if I wanted to eat lunch tomorrow and I said no. After 2 days of gluttony, I am ready to get back to the diet and make the final push to 159.9. Cheating is fine and it is my belief it is an important part of a long-term diet, but just remember to keep those cheats from spiraling out of control.

Back to the diet for me.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow (yikes, the scale will be mean)

The Grumpy Man

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