Mea Culpa

Issue 1

Ok. I might have gone a touch overboard on the poor person who made the objectionable comments a couple of days ago. I am sorry if I took my response further than it needed to go. Perhaps I shouldn’t have called the person a knucklehead but by internet standards, I thought that was pretty tame. ­čśŤ

However, I still take the exception to the comment about binge eating. I do not binge eat. Most of my cheats, my max calories were probably no more than 3k. I also don’t consider 1 or 2 ┬á bad meals a week anything remotely close to binge eating.

Second, I also took exception to the comment that if I don’t find a better balance I am slated to gain all of the weight back. Simply not going to happen. As long as I continue to get on that scale I probably won’t ever see North of 180 again.

Third, I took offense at the “making excuses” comment. How do I make excuses. I pretty much post every mistake I make on here. ┬áI post the good and the bad. ┬áObviously I have had a heck of a lot more good days than bad or I would never have dropped 160 pounds. Excuses, heck how much weight does she think I should have lost by now?

I am never going to be some symbol of perfect eating. It isn’t going to happen but as long as I continue to make more good choices than bad, I will keep the weight off.

So, I am sorry with my over the top response which perhaps was not proportional to the comments made. ­čśÇ

Issue 2

It seems many of you don’t quite get my sense of humor. I have a dry sarcastic wit and I guess it doesn’t translate over the internet. ┬áI am not in the least bit miserable. In fact, since I started this diet, I can’t say I have been in a state of misery one time. Quite the opposite. Even though I call myself the Grumpy Man, I’ve been too happy with my success to be in any state of misery. If I come off as miserable, then I think you are missing my sense of humor. I thought all the joking pictures and emoticons showed I was being playful most of the time but I guess some of you didn’t see it that way.

When I joke about my sister being to blame for my cheats, it is just that, a joke. I thought it was fairly obvious I was joking.

There you have it. I am not unhappy or miserable and I am sorry for my┬ádisproportionate┬áresponse. ­čśŤ

Weight Statistics


Er….. proving my point about water weight, I’ve dropped almost 6 pounds in 2 days. It is not possible to lose that much fat in 2 days. That would require a deficit of 21,000 calories. Thus, most of that was water weight gained from eating the sodium bomb crawfish.

Today’s Menu – Victory

Breakfast – Oatmeal & fruit

Lunch – Baked chicken with salad

Dinner – Turkey burger with beans and rice

Calories – 1500

I was able to behave with the Wednesday lunch today and I dropped my fruit intake to 1 banana, 1 plum and 1 orange. ┬á100% victory on the meal front today. Although I can’t take too much credit. The lunch wasn’t very tempting. I did skip the beef stew but it didn’t look very appetizing so I was able to stick to baked chicken and salad.

Biking Update

I rushed home to hit the levee on my bike only to be foiled by rain. Oh well. I can’t ride tomorrow because I don’t get home until 10pm on Thursday nights. I’ll try to get a ride done Friday and Saturday but I am not sure my legs are ready for back to back rides yet.

Tip Of The Day!!!

Nope. Don’t have one today.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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