Friday Night Report

The good news is the scale continued to drop on Thursday.

Just saying….. I kid I kid. 😀

Weight Statistics

Thursday – 323/170/159.9

I thought the baked chicken from the Wednesday lunch might get me with some sodium but evidently it was as bland as it tasted. 😀

The baked chicken is usually under seasoned while the grilled chicken is super salty. Or at least it tastes that way to me. The baked chicken needs some….

So the good news is the scale went down even though I ate the Wednesday lunch. The bad news is that Thursday was SUPER BIRTHDAY day!!!.

Even though there is food all over the place all the time at work, I have been surprised they don’t celebrate birthdays. Since I started working in December there have been no birthday cake celebrations in the office, that is until Thursday. Apparently they wait until a bunch of people have had their birthday then they combine forces and buy three MEGA JUMBO MODERN ART MASTERPIECE cakes.

They had a chocolate cake which was layered with all sorts of different hard chocolates, a spice cake and a red velvet cake. Since my birthday was in March it would have been antisocial of me not to have a piece. A GINORMOUS piece.

I would post a picture of an insanely awesome chocolate cake in this spot, but I decided to be nice. 😛

The good news is that after eating 14 pounds of cake I raced home and jumped on my bike……

Biking Update

I didn’t have much time to ride because I needed to leave my apartment around 7pm so I rushed home, got my gear on and raced as fast as I could.

Road Marker 410 – 10 miles

I was actually surprised how fast I was able to get my 10 miles done. Not near a record but also not too far off my normal pace from 5 months ago. My legs were once again, very wobbly by the time I climbed up to the 3rd floor and opened up my apartment.

Weight Statistics

Friday – 323/169/159.9

Woot! Even though I ate a totally HUGE piece of chocolate cake filled with hard chocolate candies, I was able to drop another pound this morning. 😀

I really was shocked to see the scale down a pound after the cake.

I think the losing streak ends here. My calories were too high today to drop any weight tomorrow and with the extra portion for dinner, my sodium was probably a little high to boot.

I’ll have a good eating day tomorrow and a nice ride and I should be back on the losing track on Sunday. I’m not worried.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Oatmeal and fruit

Lunch – Fruit

Dinner – Turkey burger, salad, red beans – double portion

Snack – Afternoon popcorn

Calories – 2,000

I thought about riding my bike this evening to make up for the excess calories but I decided not to push my legs too hard in the first week back on the bike. I’ll get a ride done tomorrow which will make 3 for the week which is the gold standard.

I want to do 3 rides a week. Two is acceptable but not great. Anything less is unacceptable unless it is storming outside all week. I want to give my legs a break, so I will try to take the day after a ride off no matter what.

Tip Of The Day!

If you exercise don’t over do it!!!

Those of us with weight problems tend to do everything to the extreme. I really was going to hit the levee this evening and I had to force myself to take it easy tonight. My legs are sore and weak from yesterday but my brain was pushing me to get back into bike shape faster than my body is able. 😀

If you push yourself too hard, you could burn out and quit. It is a fine line you need to walk. You need to  push yourself hard enough so that the exercise is beneficial but not too hard that you burn out and quit.

Happy Dieting and Happy Friday The 13th…….

See you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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