The Terrible Truth!!!

My last post mentioned a bad week but I kept the numbers to myself. Now that I have dropped some, I can post the evil numbers. My walk of shame…..

Weight Statistics

Wednesday – 323/179.7/159.9 – Ouch, and after I said I would never get near 180 again! How did I get this high? Popeyes, Pizza, and Chinese Food were the culprits.

Thursday – 323/179.3/159.9 – I seem to have peaked at 179 because I had a bad eating day on Wednesday but still lost a little Thursday morning.

Friday – 323/173.7/159.9 – Boom. I did a 24 hour fast to clear out the carbs and I started Atkins. Whoosh goes the water.

Saturday – 323/171.5/159.9 – Safely back below my panic weight with room to spare.

I was actually surprised to see the numbers drop this morning because I had a GIANT birthday steak for dinner.

I finally got together with my Mom for my B-day dinner for my March birthday.  Everything I ate was Atkins approved but I figured the sodium might get me some. It didn’t. Or I guess I should say it didn’t, yet. 😛

Sometimes the gain from sodium comes the day after you eat. I actually did pretty good last night. The rest of my family devoured a plate of onion rings.

I avoided those as I also avoided the AuGratin potatoes. I stuck with a wedge salad and the GIANT steak. I had my normal turkey burger with cheese for breakfast and I had an avocado salad for lunch. I am sure my calories were probably close to 2k which is why I was surprised to see the scale drop. Further PROOF of the water weight that is flushed out when you are on Atkins in Ketosis. 😛

The Bike

Terrible riding week to go along with the terrible eating week. A few days this week it was raining and one day I worked late so I couldn’t get home in time to ride before dark. I was a tad under the weather yesterday. I slept most of the day after taking some allergy medicine that knocked me out. At the moment it is raining so it isn’t looking good today. If it clears up, I will get out there so I can get at least 1 ride this week.

Tip Of The Day

Don’t set specific time goals. I see people do this all the time and I have done it too but you set yourself up for failure and missed goals can lead to guilt and anger which can lead to quitting the diet.

You are already under enough pressure just doing the things you need to do to lose the weight. You don’t need to set an arbitrary date to add even more pressure.

Just do the best you can each day and at some point in the future you will hit that goal weight.

Heck, my original goal deadline was March 16 2011. Ha!

I’m still at over two years from when I started.

Just lose the weight and don’t worry about racing to the finish line.

Sl0w and steady wins the race. 😀

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

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