Weekend Report Card!

I think I did pretty good this weekend, especially given the fact I had 2 dinner outings.  Friday I ate the GIANT steak but I still lost weight on Saturday. I went a little crazy late Saturday night but still pulled out a loss on Sunday. I think some of the sodium caught up with me this morning because I didn’t budge an inch on the scale.

Saturday’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey Burger with cheese

Lunch – Avocado salad

Dinner – Grilled chicken, creamed spinach and smothered green beans

Snack – Turkey burgers!!!!!

Calories – 3,000

I did a great job ordering the chicken and veggies considering the menu at Copeland’s is full of high calorie, giant-sized portions of unhealthy food. In fact, that has to be the first time I have EVER ordered spinach and green beans. I don’t mean at Copeland’s. I mean at ANY restaurant.  The second my plate hit the table I tossed my buttered biscuit on my friends plate and told him to lick it so I wouldn’t take it back. 😛

So I did a great job at dinner but then blew it around midnight when I raided my stash of turkey burgers and cheese. I was famished for some reason and it took about 1000 turkey burgers to quench my hunger. Okay, maybe not 1,000.

Weight Statistics (Sunday)


Even with the late night turkey burger rampage, I somehow managed to drop some weight. I guess I still had some water weight that needed to drain off as I kicked into full Atkins modes.


Sunday’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – Avocado salad

Dinner – Chicken with salad

Snacks – Turkey burger with cheese

Calories – 1,300

 Weight Statistics ( Monday)


The scale is lying. I refuse to believe that it is possible to be the exact same weight.  😛

I’m happy about the reading, but I just don’t believe it. I had a good Sunday and now a great Monday so I am expecting a drop down tomorrow.

But in all probability, I might get a visit from…..

I’m past due for a visit from The Phantom Weight Gain. I’m down 9.2 pounds in less than a week, so I wouldn’t be surprised by a bounce up in the next couple of days. Surprised, no. Angry, yes. 😀

Stay away Phantom!

My Allergies have been off the charts the last couple of days. I rarely take anything, but the allergies bugged me to the point I took some medicine. I took some medicine about an hour ago and YAWN, it is making me sleepy.

Monday’s Menu

 Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – None

Dinner – Chicken with salad

Snack – Turkey burger with cheese

Calories – 1200

I’m expecting a loss tomorrow or I will be very very very GRUMPY. 😀

I figure I have about 2 months to go to hit my temp goal of 159.9. I guess I could hit it sooner if I stayed away from the Wednesday lunch at the office but I don’t see that happening. My willpower has been a bit of a struggle lately.

Tip Of The Day

I actually used this tip Friday and Saturday night.

Before you head out to eat, look up the menu online and make a healthy choice. I always plan to do this but once I hit the restaurant my willpower crumbles. Not this weekend. I had both meals all planned out and I stuck to them.

Check for healthy options online and then stick to that selection once you are seated in the restaurant. It might be a good idea to KEEP THE MENU SHUT!!! Once you start reading all the delicious items on the menu, you might not stick with the healthy option.

I wavered and almost ordered something FULL of carbs because I started reading the menu in the restaurant. Don’t Do That!!! Make a selection at home and then don’t even touch the menu in the restaurant. 😀

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow…


Yes, I am avoiding writing about the bike!!!

The Grumpy Man

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