I’ve been a bit under the weather since last Friday. My allergies were driving me bonkers so I took some antihistamine and it knocked me out. I slept just about the whole day on Friday. I felt fine on Saturday and Sunday and then BOOM, I was miserable on Monday.

I wasn’t sure if I was sick or if it was my allergies acting up, but either way, I decided to get some extra vitamins by chowing down on fruit. That kicked me out of ketosis and sent my weight up on Tuesday even though my calories were fine.

YOU ARE WELCOME. For what, you ask? For not posting the animated picture of people sneezing. Yuck! 😀

Tuesday, I was even more miserable so I kept chowing down on fruit and taking cold meds.  Once again my calories were fine but the carbs were high.

This morning…

Weight Statistics


 I knew I would be up a little today with the fruit entering the rotation. I was feeling MUCH better today and didn’t want a relapse so I kept eating more fruit. Plus I was hoping that the fruit would stop me from eating any of the free lunch.

Hope disappeared and meatballs somehow found their way into my belly. I did pass on the bread pudding, lasagna, garlic bread and spaghetti. I ate 2 and then grabbed a 3rd an hour later. It could have been worse.  I had my normal dinner, so with the fruit and meatballs, I am pushing 2100 calories. Not a terrible Wednesday but not good either. I will be up tomorrow no doubt.

It shouldn’t be a large gain like most Thursdays. The meatballs were super salty so there will be some gain from the salt and from falling off the Atkins wagon. I’m feeling much better so I may skip the fruit tomorrow and get back to Atkins.

Just in time for……

I have another crawfish boil to attend this weekend. I should be able to keep the calories in check, but 20,000 mgs of sodium is enough to send my weight through the roof.


I don’t behave at crawfish boils nor should I even try. 😛

I will try to stick to the crawfish and not any chips or dips or any other tasty treats. It is a birthday party so there will be cake. I guess it depends on the cake as to whether I will scarf down a piece or not.

Tip Of The Day!


I can’t overstate the importance of having a strong support group.

I’ve been part of a Diet Thread on a sports site since September of 2010. It has been a tremendous source of encouragement and inspiration. I was 248 back on the first page of the thread and here I sit at 170. One of the guys on the site lost his mother about 2 weeks into his diet. As of today, he has dropped about 100 pounds and I think the thread is what helped keep him on track during a horrible time in his life.

It may seem hokey, but finding the right support group can be the difference between success and failure.


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  1. Absolutely right in that a support group is everything! Mine is wordpress! 🙂

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