Slow Start!

The May challenge got off to a rough start. A few of you still haven’t posted your starting weights, so if anyone else wants to join in, it isn’t too late to start. We might just extend the end date to the end of the first week of June.

Here is the list of contestants to date:

Me – 172.1

Cruz2lose – 211.4

Optifast Blogger -141.5

TestingTrueChange- 184.3

WritingFromMyHeart – 323.4

SlimJoan – 181.2

Shonnie –

@Jacquies – 303

J –

As you can see, I need a few starting weights. If I missed anyone or messed up a starting weight holler at me.

Now, onto the bad news.

I hide from this site and bad things happen.

I ate 3k calories of Atkins food on Thursday, then I ate TACO BELL on Friday. Yesterday I was doing fine until some ICE CREAM apparated in my hands. No idea where it came from. So after 3 bad days in a row, it is no surprise that my weight is up.

Plus I still have a wedding to go to tonight! 😛

Weight Statistics


No shock there. I’ve been real bad for 3 days. The wheels came off on the diet but they kept spinning on the bike.

Biking Update

I got my 3 rides in last week so I at least get a gold star for riding the bike.

I did 10 miles last Sunday, then 12 miles on Friday followed by 10 miles on Saturday. I was hoping for a longer ride on Saturday but my legs were beat up, sore and weak.

I’m hoping to start the week off right with a 12 mile ride today but time is running out. I need to get it done with enough time to get ready for the wedding. Which is of course why I am here procrastinating. 😛

3 days in a row might violate one of my Diet Tips.

Tip Of The Day!

Don’t push your exercise too far.

It is super easy to burn out on exercise and toss in the towel on the whole diet. I’ve done that about 20 times over the last 20 years. I used to mix my diet with a heavy dose of the gym which always ended up with me burning out.

I’m not saying lots of exercise isn’t good for you, but getting the weight off is the most important short-term goal. Once the weight is gone, then you can work yourself into better shape.

Just make sure you don’t push yourself too far. Yes, you need to push yourself some, but too far and the diet could come crashing down. It is a fine line to walk and one I have never been super successful with thus the reason I did almost zero exercise for the first year of my diet.

Point being, I might need to give my legs a rest today even though I want to get back up on the levee. If my legs were weak and wobbly yesterday they are going to be worse today. I need to look back to last year to see when the darn wind finally slowed down a bit.


I ride a bike with the BIG fat tires and I am out of shape so about 99% of the people on the levee pass me like I’m not even moving. Friday,I was riding along and I noticed I was gaining on someone with small thin tires.

My excitement level gave me a little extra energy to push ahead and pass the thin wheeled rider. Excitement continued to mount as I neared the thin wheeled bike. Euphoria washed over me as I passed the rider on to instantly disappear as I realized I was passing this guy……

Wait for it……..

Wait for it………

Wait for it……….

He looked like he was about 106 years old. 😀

Oh well, one of these days, I will pass someone. 😛

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow for the Week 1 weigh-in.

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  1. Sorry I didn’t give you mine! I officially weighed in at 323.4.lbs. Can’t wait to watch that number go down! 🙂

    • Just keep coming back and that number will move down. My bad days always happen when I stop posting. 😀

      I need to get back to posting daily to avoid those constant slip ups.

      • I do too. That’s going to be part of the challenge for me this month; to keep posting every day to stay motivated! 🙂

  2. Lol, love the bike riding part. I think you touch on something really important and that is avoiding burning yourself out. It is important to live your life in a sustainable fashion, and gradually add new elements in as you become comfortable and accustomed to the others that you have incorporated! So glad I found your blog 🙂

    • Welcome!

      The exercise issue is one I take a lot of heat from and in most cases the heat comes from super healthy gym rats who don’t understand that most people who have weight problems will NEVER be gym rats.

      I used to diet and hit exercise VERY hard. I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ve done that close to 20 times. Two to three months was the average length of those diet because I couldn’t handle the mental pressure from the diet coupled with the mental stress of harsh training.

      What gym rats don’t understand is that it is FAR more important to lose weight when a person is obese. Once the weight is gone, then they can work on getting in better shape. So I push diet first. I rarely even mention exercise because I know the reality. Most of us with weight problems tend to do nothing in moderation. We go overboard with everything and that includes exercise, which then leads to burnout.

      One other issue with lots of exercise is that the scale can play mind games on you when you exercise. You lose fat and gain muscle which sometimes keeps the scale from moving at all. Even though you are getting healthier, the lack of movement from the scale can lead to many people quitting.

      That is why I push people to measure themselves as well as weigh themselves. Especially people who work out. If they can at least see the tape measurements moving down, that can offset the lack of movement on the scale.

      Ha! Sorry for the long dissertation.

      • I think what is most important is that you continue to push yourself to new challenges regardless of your fitness level…how else are you to improve?! You touch on another point which is the scale, I dislike that pesky little thing and have written a post about that issue! Along with measurements, I think the only true scale of improvement is how you are feeling on the inside, do you feel accomplished in that day’s goal? Do you feel you tried your hardest? If those answers are yes, then I think you are progressing.

        Watch out who you are calling the super healthy gym rats, some of us are more like down to earth little hamsters who want everyone to succeed within their own unique definition of success 😉

      • Nicole

        I wasn’t attacking all gym rats but many of the super healthy physically fit people simply have no grasp on the reality of the average person. The average person is not going to exercise regularly for the rest of their lives. It just isn’t going to happen. So in my book, losing the weight is more important then beating yourself up at the gym. Especially obese people. Just my two cents even if only worth a penny.

  3. Well … Grumps … I don’t want to post my weight for today. I was very unhappy. it was 181. It could be seriously bloated up from all the heavy lifting. It SUCKS though. VERY hard for me to stand it. This happens to me everytime I start lifting…. I start gaining. Now, am almost up 30 pounds from my low. SUCKS!

    • The scale has been unpleasant to me too lately but I know it is my fault for eating everything not nailed down. 😀

      • Well, I have been heavy lifting … so who knows?? I could be holding extra water for a bit. We will see if I have a big drop or something. I have been working really hard to keep everything moderate — even in the bad situations I have found myself, but alas … it didn’t work. 😦

        It will be ok. I think this will be good for me. I got a game plan going. Changing things up a bit to see if it works to help while losing.

  4. Hey Grumpy! Count me in! My weight on 5/2/12 was 304.6.

  5. 175.5 – tho that’ll go up tomorrow as the half-m effects wear off

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