I Miss My Computer. RIP!

I think it is the motherboard and I am waiting to get a RMA number from Gigabyte. Then I will need to send the board back to them and wait to get a board back.  That could take weeks! I thought about just buying another board but decided I shouldn’t toss $175.00 in the trash when it is under warranty.

Weight Statistics


I had a slight bounce up this morning. That was caused by my switch from Jenni-O turkey burgers to Butterball. I didn’t notice the LARGE sodium difference. 200 mgs for Jenni-O and 680 mgs for Butterball. I have to admit, Butterball makes a SUPERIOR PRODUCT. It helps that butterball uses more salt thus more taste but their turkey burgers actually taste like turkey.  Plus they don’t appear to be pumped with fluid to add fake weight. The burgers were almost the same size cooked. JO shrinks a good bit in the oven. My sodium was over 3k yesterday which led to the water gain on 1300 calories.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – 1/2 turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – Eggs with cheese, green onions and mushrooms, Jimmy Dean sausage

Dinner – Baked chicken with salad

Snack – 1/2 turkey burger with cheese

Calories – 1550

Good job with the calories but once again the sodium was real high with the turkey burgers and sausage. I did pass on the pancakes and sweet rolls.


Where is everyone? Get back to work. I spotted you ladies and gents a huge handicap and I was able to reverse it, so there is plenty of time for any of you to get back in the race. I should be down about 2 from the start of the competition.  Not insurmountable.  Get back to work or I will talk smack on your sites. 😀

Scales at dawn!

Biking Update

It rained Friday, I fell asleep and it was raining yesterday and then Mother’s Day duties kept me away until about 4pm. Then I procrastinated until dark. I’m hoping to get back up there tomorrow when I get back from work.

Tip Of The Day

Sometime you just have to fight through the frustration. I wanted those donuts on Friday just like I wanted some pancakes and sweet rolls this morning. Not to mention the ice cream my brain wanted yesterday to celebrate my full employment. During those challenges, you need to think long and hard about what you are doing and why you are doing it. You also need to think back to the past when you were larger.

This is a good time to put on some old clothes or an old belt to see how far you have come. I just took a second to think of the trash talk I would take on this site if I lose my May challenge. That was enough to get me back on the straight and narrow pathway. Speaking of straight and narrow pathways, check out this video.

HappyDieting, see you tomorrow

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  1. Friday I weighed in back to 207.2…..then this weekend hit me and I am at 215.2 this morning. Who the #*$# gains 8 pounds over the weekend??? I don’t think anyone needs to worry about a water shortage EVER….just tap into my reserves!

  2. You really need a stationary bike. New Orleans heat and humidity will get you every time.

    • ack stationary bikes!

      • What? I meant for backup.

      • my nemesis. I lost a lot some weight 20 years ago using them and haven’t been able to get on one for more than 5 minutes since.

    • I can make excuses just as easy with a stationary bike. 😀

      • But, I don’t think you’d have to make excuses. You could ride while waching TV or listening to music. It’s just so hot here in the summer!

  3. How much sodium do you try to stay under? I struggle with that sometimes, I will see it when my leg swells….

    • For the first year I was trying to keep sodium under 2000 and as close to 1500 as I could. Some days I was as low as 1200. Once I lost the weight and started getting at least some exercise, I increased that number. Now I still try to hit 2k or less but I don’t do a good job of it.

      Today was horrible. I bought a rotisserie chicken after having 2 sodium bomb turkey burgers. My calories were low about 1000 but I will probably gain weight tomorrow after 4800 mgs of sodium. Rotisserie chickens taste great for a reason. They are SODIUM BOMBS.

      • Thanks, I was looking for a target number, so I’ll say between 1500 – 2000 max…

      • The RDA number for sodium is 2500. It used to be 3000 but it has been lowered. I think it might be lower in Europe.

        For people with health problems or middle aged and older the RDA is 1500 which is impossible for most people.

  4. I feel your computer pain. Hope things improve soon.

    I’m doing well, but it’s been a huge challenge. 176.4 at dawn. A hit, a very palpable hit!

    • I figure at least 2 weeks with the SLOW computer. I’m not happy 😛

      Even the keyboard stinks on this computer. I thought I might have wasted money on the fancy keyboard but aftr typing on this, it was money well spent.

      Nice. Keep up the good work.

  5. i was too busy running 16 miles yesterday to talk smack on your site.

    • If true, congratulations. That should drop your weight like a stone in water.

      • 3 pounds before and after the run, but its dehydration, it all comes back. water weight loss is illusory.

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