Monday Weigh-In! SHORT POST!

I hate this computer!!!

I feel like I have gone back in time and I am now using a dino powered computer!

Weight statistics


I’m not happy. 2 days in a row I am a little bit up. Grrrrr!

Poor cat. That is almost as bad as Ralphie.

My Calories today were about 1000 to 1200 but the sodium was through the roof at 4800 so I will probably gain some additional water tomorrow.

Darn Butterball turkey burgers. Oh and I was lazy and bought a Winn Dixie rotisserie chicken which has about a zillion mgs of sodium per bite.

No wonder they are so tasty. I wish they would cook the darn chickens without 800 mgs per bite.

The good news is that I stuck to just 1/4 of the chicken. Bad news is that means I have 3 more meals out of it with zillions of mgs of sodium to go.

The Challenge

No! Wrong challenge!

Come on people! Confess your weights.

I will post a chart with all the updates!

Errr…… no I won’t. At least not until I get my super computer running again.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

What? I said the post was short! 😛

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