Sodium Wars!

Even with a low-calorie day yesterday, my weight was up today after the 4800 mgs of sodium. Darn rotisserie chicken. Darn Butterball turkey burgers.  I’m thinking I need to drop the Butterball burgers.  Just too darn much sodium!

Weight Statistics


Even though I knew I would probably go up, I’m still not happy gaining weight (water) on a low-calorie day.

The problem is I had plenty of leftovers. So…..

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – none

Dinner – Rotisserie breast, leg and leg with salad

Calories – 1100

An even better calorie day today but another 4k sodium day and I still have two thighs left for dinner tomorrow night. 😛

Biking Update

I forced myself up there on that stinking levee. I needed to sweat some of the fluid out. The flag up on the levee looked just like that one. It wasn’t moving at all. Zilch. It was a rare windless day.

That of course means it was HOT.

Mile Marker 410 – 10 miles

The Challenge

Keep up the great work all of you. Oh, if you haven’t done any great work, it is not too late to jump into the competition. I think the leader has only dropped about 3 pounds so it isn’t hard to catch up with 16 day to go.

I’m just holding back to give you ladies and gents a shot. 😛

The Computer

Big business wins again!!! The warranty agreement gives gigabyte up to 3 weeks to RETURN the motherboard. So from the day they  get it from me (3 to 4 days) they then get up to 3 weeks to return it. Yes, it probably wouldn’t take that long but it would probably take close to 2 weeks.

So I caved in…. I bought a new motherboard that should arrive before the weekend. IT DARN BETTER!

Now we all need to pray and keep our fingers crossed that the motherboard IS the problem or I am going to have a conniption fit.


Google is a lying sack of lying liars. We all know that and we all know they are trying to manipulate us, but I just did 4 completely unrelated picture searches and ALL 4 had pictures of The Hunger Games mixed into the first couple of pages even though The Hunger Games had ZERO to do with all 4 searches. Cheating lying liars!

Ok, I tried one more time and The Hunger Games did not pop up when I searched lying sack of liars.  Too many political pictures to have room for Hunger Games in that search.

Tip Of The Day

You really need to do your homework and read the labels when it comes to salt.

I had turkey burgers and roasted chicken with a salad. That sounds healthy. How could it not be healthy? Turkey? Chicken? Salad? Those are all supposed to be part of a healthy diet. Not the 4800 mgs of sodium!!!

Beware crazy levels of sodium in seemingly healthy items.  Stay away from packaged deli meat. Crazy salt. Stay away from soups. Insane levels of salt and low sodium soup tastes like muddy water. Heck, I wish it tasted like muddy water, then at least it would have some flavor. 😛

 Not everyone needs to be on a super low sodium diet, but it wouldn’t hurt to cut down some and keeping a steady intake will keep the weight from crazy anger inducing fluctuations.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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  1. What kind of dressing did you have? Olive Oil and Balsemic vinegar or lemon juice is good. Some dressings are loaded with salt. I’m sure you already know this.

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