Scared Away!

If anyone out there wants a great tip to scare away all of your readers, just start a weight loss challenge and they will run for the hills like Godzilla is chasing after them.

Even Batman and Robin ran away in fear from the weight loss challenge. 😛

Weekend Report!

Weight Statistics 

Friday -170.5

Saturday – 168.9

Sunday – 170.3

I was looking for 168 this morning but the darn scale decided to move in the other direction!!! 😦

 My scale is the Devil, the Devil I tell you!


Friday -1700

Saturday – 1700

Sunday – 1700

My brain has been screaming for ice cream all day and night for 4 straight days. Instead of giving in to ice cream, I made some flavored oatmeal. I went with the maple sugar flavor and a few cinnamon spice packets. I’ve been chowing down on oatmeal all weekend so I probably haven’t been in ketosis since Thursday.

I figure eating some sugary oatmeal is much better than chowing down on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

I’ve been sticking with the extra salt soaked turkey burgers and cheese for breakfast with a second burger and salad for lunch. Then chicken with salad for dinner. Followed by a few oatmeal packets for snacks. Not good with all those carbs, but certainly better than eating 3 pints of ice cream! 😛

Biking Update

Friday – 10 miles – This ride wasn’t too bad BUT…. my MP3 player’s battery was dead. Riding without music makes the ride AT LEAST 25% harder.

Saturday – 10 miles – This ride nearly killed me. My legs were exhausted. I took 60 minutes for what normally takes me 45.

Sunday – 10 miles – This ride went perfect. Right on time around 45 minutes. The wind was barely blowing at all. Maybe a little bit aiding me on the last 3 miles.

I’m not happy with my weight moving up this morning after 3 great days. When you discount the biking burned calories, I was around 1250 3 days in a row but I am up this morning. I think it is a case of the dreaded increased muscle mass. The bike riding is probably putting some new muscle back on my legs after the 4 months of inactivity.

I need to have a great eating week because next weekend is the office crawfish boil. The following weekend is my 25th high school reunion so I have a couple of speed bumps in the final 2 weeks of our little May Challenge.

As a reminder to the one person still reading my blog, the final weigh-in for the challenge is Monday June 4th.

Tip Of The Day!

I mentioned up above, how tough riding can be without my MP3 player. No matter what form of exercise you are doing, listening to music makes the misery pass MUCH easier. Much Much Much easier!

If you don’t have a MP3 player get one. If you are walking, running or riding, you really HAVE to have some music moving you along.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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  1. Oh, we’re here, but if we open our mouths to comment, food might fall in and then where would we be? 175.8 this morning. Wish my husband would fix the flat on my bike… Also too? Not a fan of exercising with earbuds — I might not hear the rattly thing on the snake. Just another regional challenge. Pedal on!

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