Quick Post!

Tough day! Someone brought a cake and ice cream to the office. I initially passed. Then about 4pm I went and opened the freezer and gave the bucket of ice cream an angry look.

I passed again.


I was out this evening and I gave in and decided to get some ice cream…..

On the way, I changed my mind. Plus with donut day tomorrow and the big office party on Saturday, I don’t need to create additional misstep opportunities. Plenty of misstep opportunities already on the schedule.

I’m fairly aggravated that I am only down 2 pounds for the whole month of May. That first week really killed me getting up to 179. I’m pretty ticked off that I was down to 168.9 on Saturday but here I sit at 170.3 several days later without any cheats. 😛

Oh well, at least I didn’t make matters worse by slurping down a pint of ice cream.

That’s all for tonight. I am tired and very GRUMPY. 😛

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