Quick Post!

Tough day! Someone brought a cake and ice cream to the office. I initially passed. Then about 4pm I went and opened the freezer and gave the bucket of ice cream an angry look.

I passed again.


I was out this evening and I gave in and decided to get some ice cream…..

On the way, I changed my mind. Plus with donut day tomorrow and the big office party on Saturday, I don’t need to create additional misstep opportunities. Plenty of misstep opportunities already on the schedule.

I’m fairly aggravated that I am only down 2 pounds for the whole month of May. That first week really killed me getting up to 179. I’m pretty ticked off that I was down to 168.9 on Saturday but here I sit at 170.3 several days later without any cheats. 😛

Oh well, at least I didn’t make matters worse by slurping down a pint of ice cream.

That’s all for tonight. I am tired and very GRUMPY. 😛

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  1. But……you’re so CUTE! 🙂

    That Office Food is the CULPRIT!

  2. Way to be strong. It’s those conversations with ourselves (and the glaring at the ice cream tub) that keeps us on track. Good job!

    • Yes!! I agree with Slim Joan!!!!! Great Will Power!

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