I ate the canary and everything else that wasn’t nailed down.

Weight Statistics

Friday – 169.5

Saturday – 171.5

Sunday – 175.9

Monday -175.6

I cracked and had a couple of donuts on Friday then I picked up chicken fajitas on the way home for dinner.

Saturday, I had jambalaya, hot dogs and chili, boiled crawfish with potatoes and corn followed by brownies, chocolate chip cookies and ice cream. I over did it. I felt like I was going to explode on the ride home.

Sunday, I regained my sanity and had my normal turkey burgers and baked chicken but the damage was already done.

The May Challenge

My diet appears to have been closed for the month of May.

In hindsight, May was probably not the best month to toss down the gauntlet with the wedding, Cinco De Mayo,  office party and Mother’s Day.  Although without the challenge I would probably be even higher up on the scale so the challenge helped kept me from going too crazy. Hopefully by next Monday I can at least get below 172. I don’t want to be on the PLUS side of the challenge. 😛

Tip Of The Day!

Be careful with cheats. They can spiral out of control real fast I had to fight myself all day yesterday to keep from grabbing some Popeye’s and more ice cream. That battle lasted from lunchtime all the way to 9pm. The devil on my shoulder kept telling me one more cheat wouldn’t hurt.

Thankfully, the angel won out.

Don’t let one cheat spiral out of control and ruin your diet. Get back to work!

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

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