How The Mighty Have Fallen!!!

The May Challenge

I am the agony of defeat guy. May was not a good month for me. It looks like just about EVERYONE who entered the competition, kicked my tail. Not only did I not lose weight, I gained a couple of pounds.

June started out badly but I’m back on the Diet Wagon starting today.

Kudos to all of you who kicked my tail!

Weight Statistics


Last week was a total mess. The feeding frenzy started on Wednesday. Surprise beignets.

My willpower was off on vacation.

I dove into the beignets without even a slight hesitation. Then the free lunch hit around 11am. I did pretty good at first. I just had a big pile of salad and 1 piece of hamburger steak. Unfortunately, they had bread pudding for dessert. At first I skipped the pudding. Then I went back and grabbed some. Then some more. Then some more. 😛

Thursday was a decent enough day. I behaved for the most part although I did have a small piece of cake.

Friday was not so good. I made a trip down to the Chinese place down the block for lunch then I grazed on various delights at my 25th high school reunion. The reunion was fun. Nobody recognized me. One old friend of mine walked by me about 3 times and I finally grabbed him the 4th time. He looked down at my name tag and said, “no way!”

Saturday wasn’t much better. Most of the day was fine until the Ice Cream hour hit.

Tip of The Day

Diet Fatigue

I think after 25 months, my willpower evaporated. At some point you toss your hands in the air and say enough is enough. I think I hit that wall in May.

At some point we all hit that breaking point on a diet. We just toss in the towel. I’ve had some rough spots over the past two years but May was the worst. I didn’t actually gain the most weight but my willpower and diet energy evaporated.

When you hit this stage, you need to KEEP GETTING ON THE SCALE. Never stop. That mean old scale is about the only way to get back on the rails when the wheels come off.

You need to keep posting online and in your journal. As you can see, I disappeared for a few days and bad things happened.  I haven’t posted much on my sports site in the last couple of weeks. You need to keep hitting your support sites. BUT, most importantly, that scale. Seeing the numbers moving in the wrong direction is about the only way to get back on track.

I should be able to get back on track in June. Now that the reunion has passed, the only speed bump will be father’s day.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Turkey burger with cheese

Lunch – Baked pork loin

Dinner – Chicken with salad

Snack – Turkey burgers with cheese

Calories – 1650

I’m down to the last few turkey burgers. I’ve decided to stop with the Butterball burgers. With a slice of cheese those things are about 900 mgs of sodium. 2 in one day, hits me for 1800 mgs. I decided to cut back a bit on sodium again. I’ve been eating a bit too much the last couple of months.

I bought one of those GIANT pork loins from Sam’s and cooked half of one. It turned out pretty darn good. One pork loin serving only hits me with about 100 mgs of sodium or less.  300 with a slice of cheese so two portions is salt than 1 portion of turkey burgers. I should polish off the final Butterball burgers tomorrow.

Those things were much better than the Jenni-O burgers. I liked the Jenni burgers but they are pumped full of broth and shrink to almost nothing when cooked. The Butterball burgers don’t shrink much and actually taste like turkey.

I figure I will hit pork loins for a few months. Just as I said goodbye to eggs, then goodbye to hamburgers, I now say goodbye to turkey burgers.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

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