The Siren Song

She lured sailors to their untimely end in the old days….. Now she tries to lure me to…..

Yep! It’s Friday which means donut day! The siren song tried over and over and over and over and over to get me to grab some donuts. Usually they are all gone by 10:00am. That is approximately the point my willpower starts to crumble like a fried cake donut. 😛

Usually if I can make it to 10:30, I am safe.

Today, there were 2 dozen still on the grazing table at 10:00am.

 At lunchtime there was still one box left. I felt my willpower collapse so I grabbed a pear and an apple and ran back to my office.  At 3pm, 3 donuts remained. I gave them a long hard stare……

 I made it through the day without hitting the donuts. I really wanted one of those cake donuts, but I fought off the urge. At least on this Friday, I was victorious.

Weight Statistics


I actually dropped a tiny bit after my lunch on Wednesday. I celebrated by having 2 pieces of BBQ chicken and salad on Thursday. Darn leftovers. I think I maintained my weight because I weighed myself when I got home yesterday. I don’t know for sure because I forgot to weigh myself this morning. That is only about the 2nd or 3rd time I forgot to weigh myself in 2 years. Either way, at least I didn’t balloon up after eating the sodium bomb BBQ  chicken.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Pork loin and cheese

Lunch – Apple and a pear

Dinner – Chicken with salad and cheese

Calories – 1250

I’m still loving the pork loin for breakfast and it is saving me a TON of sodium by eating that instead of those turkey burgers.  I’ve got the second half of the loin cooking at the moment. I’m trying the crock pot this time.

Tip Of The Day!


No! Not the kind of snacks Homer would like. Healthy snacks!

Having healthy snacks around is SUPER DUPER important. If that fruit hadn’t been available, I am almost 100% certain I would have mowed down 3 or 4 donuts. I can’t stop with just one. 😛

Make sure you have plenty of satisfying yet healthy snacks around. The snacks have to be tasty enough that they satisfy your hunger but at the same time not too satisfying or you end up eating them all at once.

I eat string cheese a lot or pepperjack sticks. Other good low carb options are nuts or wasabi peas. BUT….. be careful. You need to portion control those snacks. I have a TOUGH time with the peas and the blue diamond wasabi almonds. Yum!

Happy Dieting, see you later

The Grumpy Man

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