Hiding From You!!!


A bit of work related stress has sent me into a bit of a stress eating spiral!!! So I am hiding…..

Nope! You won’t find me hiding there.

I had a report due on Friday.

So I stopped by the Chinese place on the way home on Monday for a bit of stress relief. Yup! I tell you all the time not to succumb to stress or emotional eating but that didn’t stop me from getting some General Tso’s chicken with rice and an egg roll.

So I went into hiding….

Nope! I’m not hiding there.

That is a little closer but I was not at the Jazz Fest.

Yesterday I was even more stressed out and once again stopped by the Chinese place on the way home from work.  The lady asked me if I wanted the General’s chicken again and I said yes. Nice customer service to remember I was in there on Monday. Kudos to you, lady behind the counter.

I already messed up and cheated last Saturday. Add Monday and Tuesday trips to the salt mine and I was all blown up like a blow fish. My belt was as tight as the one worn by Violet….

If I see any Loompas singing at me in my apartment I am going to kick one! Then call an ambulance because I really shouldn’t be seeing Loompas. 😛

There I am! What? I’m right there…..

I hide better than those people. 😀

So here we are. Wednesday. FREE LUNCH WEDNESDAY! I started out fine. I just had 2 meatballs and a little daube. I love garlic bread. Yum! As much as I love all bread, I haven’t touched the garlic bread in the 6 months I have been working.  I can’t say that anymore. I mowed down enough garlic bread to feed a small town for a winter.

I ate the canary and every last piece of garlic bread within reach of my fingers so…. I am hiding…..

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