Back In The Saddle Again

After a week of bad eating I need to get back in the saddle again.

One interesting thing from my week of bad eating. I peaked at 178.8. I was up to 178.8 on Thursday. Then I had a terrible Thursday and Friday but I was still at 178 on Saturday.  This morning I was back to 175.4 after a good day yesterday. I guess 178 is my max water retention weight.

I was going to get back in the saddle on Thursday but I was in a meeting and they plunked down a giant tray of hot roast beef with gravy poboys

and fried shrimp poboys.

Then a bunch of brownies.

Oh and a giant tray of scones.

Needless to say, I didn’t behave. It is one thing to avoid the food on the grazing table but an entirely different thing to have it placed 6 inches from your hands. 😛

If you think looking at the pictures is tough imagine having that just inches from your hands. 😀

Friday was a blur of ice cream. Long story short, I was up to 178.8 on Saturday morning.

Weight Statistics


After my week of decadence, I need a nice good week.  Back to work.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Pork loin with cheese

Lunch – Chicken with salad

Dinner – Oatmeal

Calories – 1100

I’m easing out of the carbs.  I’ll try to cut the oatmeal tomorrow but I have a feeling I will probably need one more day of oatmeal before going super low carb again,


Tip Of The Day

Set attainable goals. Don’t set CRAZY goals.  You can adjust the goals as you go along but it is best to set reachable goals.

My goal for the week is simple. Behave on Free Lunch Wednesday. It has been a while since I behaved on Wednesday.  My only goal for the week is to behave on Wednesday. Oh and avoid the donuts on Friday.

Unattainable goals make it easier to quit so make sure you set reasonable goals.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

Hiding From You!!!


A bit of work related stress has sent me into a bit of a stress eating spiral!!! So I am hiding…..

Nope! You won’t find me hiding there.

I had a report due on Friday.

So I stopped by the Chinese place on the way home on Monday for a bit of stress relief. Yup! I tell you all the time not to succumb to stress or emotional eating but that didn’t stop me from getting some General Tso’s chicken with rice and an egg roll.

So I went into hiding….

Nope! I’m not hiding there.

That is a little closer but I was not at the Jazz Fest.

Yesterday I was even more stressed out and once again stopped by the Chinese place on the way home from work.  The lady asked me if I wanted the General’s chicken again and I said yes. Nice customer service to remember I was in there on Monday. Kudos to you, lady behind the counter.

I already messed up and cheated last Saturday. Add Monday and Tuesday trips to the salt mine and I was all blown up like a blow fish. My belt was as tight as the one worn by Violet….

If I see any Loompas singing at me in my apartment I am going to kick one! Then call an ambulance because I really shouldn’t be seeing Loompas. 😛

There I am! What? I’m right there…..

I hide better than those people. 😀

So here we are. Wednesday. FREE LUNCH WEDNESDAY! I started out fine. I just had 2 meatballs and a little daube. I love garlic bread. Yum! As much as I love all bread, I haven’t touched the garlic bread in the 6 months I have been working.  I can’t say that anymore. I mowed down enough garlic bread to feed a small town for a winter.

I ate the canary and every last piece of garlic bread within reach of my fingers so…. I am hiding…..

Weekend Update

Saturday was not a very good day for the old diet. 😛

I took my sister to lunch at Phil’s Grill, a build your own burger joint. I substituted a Caesar salad for fries, but in reality, I am sure a Caesar isn’t much better than eating fries.  If things had stopped there I would have been fine.

At the last-minute I decided to go see Prometheus. I always eat popcorn at the movies. The small popcorn is REALLY small so I went with a medium and a diet coke.

$30.00 to go see a stupid movie!!! Really??? Hollywood wonders why there is a piracy problem while they charge $17.00 to see a 3D movie and charge $13.00 for popcorn and a coke.

I know I have ranted over this before but I get aggravated whenever I go to the stupid theater. Heck a family of 4 needs to take a stinking loan out to go to the movie.

At least in the late 80s and 90s, they came up with the GIANT COKE, CANDY and POPCORN to offset the ridiculous prices. Not so anymore. They no longer sell the GIANT candy and a small tiny coke and popcorn will still cost you almost $12.00.

The Cokes are still huge but the popcorn keeps getting smaller. I used to go the movies all of the time but the last few years, I go about 2 or 3 times at most. This year there are a few movies I have to see on the big screen and it drives me crazy!

The 3-D for Prometheus was pointless other than maybe one scene. Heck the IMAX 3D credits had better 3D. I read this movie was like Avatar. Sorry but the 3D is not in the same ballpark as the 3D from Avatar. This is the last 3D movie I will see for a long time. It would have saved me $6.00 to skip the 3D.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on that FAKE IMAX garbage.  Way to diminish your product by allowing tiny screens to be called IMAX.

Ok, back to the diet news.  Lets just say I am no longer craving Popeye’s. There is a Popeye’s right next to the movie theater and my ALIEN BRAIN CONTROL DEVICE turned on when I left the theater. I left my hat at home…..

If only I had been wearing my hat, I would not have awakened to find Popeye’s in my garbage can. 😛

Weight Statistics

Saturday Morning – 170.3

Sunday Morning – 173.0

Almost a 3 pound gain after the burger and Popeyes with some popcorn in the mix.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Pork loin with cheese

Lunch – Pork loin

Dinner – Baked chicken with salad

Snack- Oatmeal

Calories – 1500

I was really craving something sweet tonight. The carbs yesterday kicked me out of Ketosis so I was really craving something sweet.

To keep from heading out for ice cream, I went with some cinnamon spice oatmeal. 320 calories so not great but better than eating a pint of ice cream for 900 to 1200 calories.  Good thing I had the emergency oatmeal in case I had to have something sweet.

Tip Of The Day

Do not eat around the tv or computer.

I am guilty of this all the time. BUT…..

Just like Pavlov’s dog was trained to react to a bell, we can train ourselves to crave food when we sit in front of the TV even when we aren’t hungry. Try to keep your meals and snacking away from the tv and computer. I know this one is really tough. Maybe even impossible. If you can’t keep the food away from the tv or computer make sure you are really hungry and not just reacting to training. 😛

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

The Siren Song

She lured sailors to their untimely end in the old days….. Now she tries to lure me to…..

Yep! It’s Friday which means donut day! The siren song tried over and over and over and over and over to get me to grab some donuts. Usually they are all gone by 10:00am. That is approximately the point my willpower starts to crumble like a fried cake donut. 😛

Usually if I can make it to 10:30, I am safe.

Today, there were 2 dozen still on the grazing table at 10:00am.

 At lunchtime there was still one box left. I felt my willpower collapse so I grabbed a pear and an apple and ran back to my office.  At 3pm, 3 donuts remained. I gave them a long hard stare……

 I made it through the day without hitting the donuts. I really wanted one of those cake donuts, but I fought off the urge. At least on this Friday, I was victorious.

Weight Statistics


I actually dropped a tiny bit after my lunch on Wednesday. I celebrated by having 2 pieces of BBQ chicken and salad on Thursday. Darn leftovers. I think I maintained my weight because I weighed myself when I got home yesterday. I don’t know for sure because I forgot to weigh myself this morning. That is only about the 2nd or 3rd time I forgot to weigh myself in 2 years. Either way, at least I didn’t balloon up after eating the sodium bomb BBQ  chicken.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Pork loin and cheese

Lunch – Apple and a pear

Dinner – Chicken with salad and cheese

Calories – 1250

I’m still loving the pork loin for breakfast and it is saving me a TON of sodium by eating that instead of those turkey burgers.  I’ve got the second half of the loin cooking at the moment. I’m trying the crock pot this time.

Tip Of The Day!


No! Not the kind of snacks Homer would like. Healthy snacks!

Having healthy snacks around is SUPER DUPER important. If that fruit hadn’t been available, I am almost 100% certain I would have mowed down 3 or 4 donuts. I can’t stop with just one. 😛

Make sure you have plenty of satisfying yet healthy snacks around. The snacks have to be tasty enough that they satisfy your hunger but at the same time not too satisfying or you end up eating them all at once.

I eat string cheese a lot or pepperjack sticks. Other good low carb options are nuts or wasabi peas. BUT….. be careful. You need to portion control those snacks. I have a TOUGH time with the peas and the blue diamond wasabi almonds. Yum!

Happy Dieting, see you later

The Grumpy Man

Yes Virginia, There is a Free Lunch!

I think I would weigh about 120 by now if it wasn’t for the free lunch on Wednesday. 😛

First the good news……

Weight Statistics


Back below my old Panic Weight of 175.  I haven’t been able to stick under my new Panic Weight of 170 since I set it several weeks ago. I’m hoping with a good weekend I will be able to finally get under that 170 Panic Weight. My schedule appears to be clear this weekend so I should be able to go cheat free.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Pork loin with cheese

Lunch – BBQ breast & thigh with spinach salad

Dinner – Chicken with salad

Calories – 1450

I didn’t do as good as I wanted but I also didn’t cave in and chow down on the FRIED chicken or the Mac & Cheese. I really wanted some of that fried chicken. I still haven’t quenched my hunger for Popeye’s so that chicken sorely tempted me. Fortunately, all of the fried chicken was mowed down pretty quickly.

The BBQ chicken was  a better choice but it was still LOADED LOADED LOADED with salt.

That sodium bomb will cause a gain tomorrow. I was a bit dehydrated from getting back into ketosis so I will hang on to plenty of extra water after the salt fest.

I read a pretty interesting read today about sodium. It appears the Powers That Be had almost zero proof of the dangers of salt and the benefits of low sodium diets when they started brainwashing us to the evils of sodium.  In fact it is possible a low sodium diet is actually harmful. Aw Geez!

That would be funny if my anti-salt crusade was actually harmful to my health. I was able to remove the anti-fat brainwashing but I am not sure I ever be able to remove the anti-salt brainwashing.  Here is a link to the article I read this afternoon.

Biking Update

Until I reach my goal I am not touching the bike. 😛

Riding increases my hunger and my willpower is already weak. I don’t need the added obstacles caused by riding. 😛

Tip Of The Day!

Don’t pay attention to them. Find what works for you and stick with it. That doesn’t mean you should never adapt or make changes but don’t listen to the negative chatter which you will get from time to time. 😛

I kid. You do have to have thick skin. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. 😛

And The Winner Is!!!!!!

SLIM JOAN – Joan dropped 1.9% over the month of May and J dropped 1.3%. Kudos to Joan!!!

Congratulations to JOAN!!!


 Congratulation to Betty for dropping 7 pounds since she started her diet!!!

Happy Dieting, see you Friday

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