The Return…


No Kings around here.


No Jedi to see.

Nope. But I feel almost undead. 😛

No Zombies to see here.


Keep guessing….


Nope. I do need to revisit the Pink Panther movies. I loved those movies as a kid but not sure how well they will hold up.


The guessing needs to stop because I can’t think of any more movies with Return in them…well one more…

Since we are actually at the …….

The Return Of The Bike

I didn’t cheat all weekend but I also ate too many calories so I decided I needed to get up to the levee to burn off a few extra calories.


 When I got back from the ride at 7:30pm the heat index was STILL AT 100. Ouch! It was really tough out there this evening. Hot Hot Hot!

Mile Marker 440 – 11 Miles

I don’t plan to ride on a regular basis in July. Last year I quit during July and August. I’m not going to quit but I am only going to push for 1 ride a week on the weekends. Better than nothing.

Weight Statistics

Saturday – 174.5

Sunday – 173.9


Massive drop on Saturday. I was expecting that. I knew I didn’t gain 5 pounds of fat from the Wednesday debacle. I am not expecting a drop tomorrow. I ate too darn much. I might even bounce up after the ride today. My legs are sore which means they will retain a bit of water.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Pork loin with cheese and onions

Lunch – Baked chicken with salad

Dinner –  Pork loin with onions and cheese


Calories – 2000

Biking Burn – 450

Net – 1550

I chowed down on oatmeal Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I guess it was better than eating a pint of ice cream. The oatmeal was the only thing that stopped me from heading out for something sweet.

I can’t stop eating that stuff. It probably is only marginally better than eating a pint of ice cream but it is better. 😛

The good news is I have just about polished off the giant box of oatmeal I got from Sam’s and I won’t replace it any time soon. 😛

Not sure how I will avoid the ice cream. I might need some new snacks.  I end up eating way too much oatmeal so it needs to go. 😛

July 4th

I shall be cheating on the 4th. Not sure what the game plan is. Probably hot dogs but not 100% certain. Usually I have hot dogs on the 4th because I only eat them once a year since I started the diet BUT…. I did have a hot dog at the office crawfish boil so I don’t have a craving for hot dogs at the moment.

Hmmmm….. after looking over hot dog pictures, I might be in the mood for hot dogs.

Along with the hot dog, I have also hit up Mexican food on the 4th.  I might continue that annual event.

Tip Of The Day


Not really a diet tip but BE CAREFUL OUT THERE.

Records are being smashed all across the country.

Make sure you have a water bottle and try to get your exercise in the morning or early evening.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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