Guess What?

I need to go on a diet!

After stepping on the scale today and struggling to get into my slacks for work, I cam to the realization that I need to go on a diet. 😀

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were not filled with smart eating choices. Friday didn’t start out on the right foot either.

About the only thing I did that was remotely the right choice was to skip Popeyes on the way home from work today on Fried Chicken Day.

I skipped chicken on the way home. Then after a few hours, upon realizing it was fried chicken day, I thought I better run out and get some fried chicken.  Then the angel on my shoulder  retook control of my brain from the cookie monster after several days out of control.

That looks exactly like me for the last 4 days.  I had some pre-4th ice cream on Tuesday, then I had Mexican food and ice cream on Wednesday. I figured that would be it but they moved Free Lunch Wednesday to Thursday and bought 15 pizzas even though half the office was on vacation. 😛

I refuse to even post my weight. It might take years of therapy to get over that horrible number I saw on the scale this morning.

Time to get back to work for REAL.

I haven’t been working very hard on the diet the last couple of months so I am getting back to work starting now! It’s war! Bunker mentality!

One day at a time. Just try to do the best I can each day. 😀

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

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