Good Week

I had my first flawless week in about a million years. No cheats and I kept my calories low all week. I had a bit too much sodium but that will drain away if I could just get back to using less Tony C’s when cooking. Last Friday the scale almost exploded when I hit 184.

I got as low as 174.6 this week before the salt bug bit me and I jumped back up. Some of the excess weight dropped off this morning so I am right at my panic weight of 175.

Weight Statistics


Even though I had a nice 1 pound drop, I was still angry this morning because I thought the whole Wednesday weight gain would melt away. No reason for me to be grumpy because a 9 pound loss in one week isn’t shabby even though about 95% of that was just water.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Pork loin with cheese

Lunch – Pork loin with chesse

Dinner – Chicken with onions

Snack – Pork Loin with onions

Calories – 1500

I went a little overboard with the pork loin today but it was a cooking day and I always sample a little too much when I cook. 😛

Total success on the coffee front. I dropped down to 1 packet of sweet n low per cup of coffee and I started bringing a LARGER mug so I make fewer trips. I probably cut my intake down from 8 to 10 packets all the way down to 3 or 4 so I won’t have to worry about too many hidden carbs.

I was unable to stick with Atkins this week. I had some fruit earlier in the week and then again yesterday. Oh, someone put a GIANT bag of pistachio nuts about 14 feet from my office and I walked past the darn thing about 39 times yesterday. End result is I grabbed about 4 handfuls. 😛

My calories were still under 1500 Thursday but as I said Atkins took a beating this week. I guess a few nuts and pears are still much better than a few dounts and pints of ice cream. 😀

Ice Cream!

I just about needed Annie Wilkes to hobble me to keep me from running out to the store for ice cream this evening. I actually got up to get my shoes at one point before I retook control of my senses.

I had to toss on my mind control hat to keep the cookie monster from taking control of my brain. It probably didn’t help watching a bunch of videos of some guy reviewing various flavors of ice cream. The red velvet cake ice cream almost sent me running to Winn Dixie. 😛

Tip Of The Day!

Don’t ruin a great week with the irrational thinking that you deserve a treat. Cheating from time to time is fine. I encourage it but actually REWARDING yourself with food for a hard workout or great diet week is BAD! Similar to yesterdays tip but very important.

I was ready to head to the store for about 1200 calories of ice cream to reward myself for a great week. Bad Idea! That is a very bad habit to start-up and it will sabotage your weight loss.

Don’t use food as a reward EVER! Find some other way to celebrate a good workout or great diet week or weight loss.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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