Gauntlet Part 2

Okay. Another bad day with zero willpower. I need a boost. I need an extra bit of motivation. I need some help walking the minefield of DONUTS, BEIGNETS, ICE CREAM, PIZZA, JAMBALAYA AND LASAGNA. Those were my temptations and failures in just the first 2 darn days. The office is exploding with food!

So, here we go again.  I challenge all of you to a DUEL! A Weight Loss Duel!!!

Weight Scales at 15 paces.

This time there will be a REWARD!

That’s right. The winner will get their very own Grumpy Man coffee mug. I don’t guarantee the quality or that it will even make it to you given our wonderful postal system and if you live outside of the United States you might just get an emailed picture depending on the shipping cost.  😛

Doesn’t matter because I am going to win this time.

I actually want that mug and I am bloated to a level I haven’t seen since January. 😛

I haven’t decided the full details. I will probably start the contest the last week of July. People will have to post their weight by the first of August and the competition will last until the last day of September. 2 months. 60 days of pain. Time to get back on track and time for all of my friends out there to get back on track too!

We might start sooner. Maybe the last two weeks of July through September 30.  In 2 more weeks I might explode so it might be better to start sooner rather than later. What say you? Maybe everyone needs to have their starting weight posted by July 24th. That sounds better. Everyone needs to be weighed in by July 24th.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man



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