Sunday Update

That was my reaction when I stepped on the scale this morning. As you can see, I haven’t been posting my weight or my meals for several days now. The wheels came off and I have been eating nonstop for almost 2 weeks now with only a couple of decent days in there. Thus the reason for the Competition.

Heck, I’ve gained so much weight so fast, I refuse to post my weight until Wednesday so I can drop a few pounds before starting the competition. Ha! 😛

At some point I will post my weight so people can see HOW FAST it can jump back on if you go crazy. Or, I might wait until Friday and try to lose even more and try to pretend the scale never got as high as it did. 😛

Competition Update

Name Initial Weight
The Grumpy Man
Testing True Change
Slim Joan
Food Addict
Betty ( Playing Along)

That is the current list of competitors. Keep posting on your blogs to try to get a few more people. Remember, I must have your initial weight by July 27th. Then you must check in once a week with your weight. I will weigh-in every Thursday. That will help me keep away from the Wednesday lunch.

I will start adding the weights as they are posted in the comment sections.

Starting Tips

1. Toss all bad food. I threw away some  brownies {not sure where those came from}. I blame evil garden gnomes. I even smashed them up to make sure I didn’t so any dumpster diving.  I also tossed all of the flavored oatmeal I had left in the pantry. All bad carbs have been removed from my apartment.

2. Plan your meals. Come up with your diet plan and create a menu.

3. Grocery list – make sure you get in and out of the grocery store as fast as possible. I just got back from Sam’s. I will not be shopping at Winn Dixie for at least 2 months. The darn 2 for 1 ice cream specials at Winn Dixie have killed me the last 3 weeks. I have had more ice cream in the last month than the previous six years combined and it isn’t even close.

4. Tell everyone.  If you let everyone know you have entered a diet competition they might not hassle you as much to go out and eat eat and eat. I am going into 100% hermit bunker mode.

I’m going to look like that by the time I win the competition.

I wish I could hide out in that hermit cave. Work is going to be extremely difficult. I can take a long route to avoid the kitchen but then I won’t be able to get to the coffee pot. I may need to buy a giant thermos and bring my own coffee each day. I think staying away from the kitchen will be instrumental in my Victory over all of you. 😀

5. Exercise – I’m not sure what I am going to do. Short term exercise can stall weight loss as you gain muscle and the scale moves up and it can stimulate hunger.  Plus it adds additional mental stress. I think I might just sit out the exercise portion of the diet and then we can compare results with those of you who believe exercise is necessary for weight loss. 😛

I’m shooting for 20 pounds over the course of the competitions. Tough but not impossible. I am going back to my old ways of watching every drop of sodium so I will lose lots of water once I get that sodium out of my system.

Happy Dieting and good luck. Please keep coming back and get involved in the trash talk to keep motivated. Although it really isn’t necessary because I have already won. 😛

The Grumpy Man

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