In It To Win It!

Those of you who were part of the May challenge didn’t see me bring my “A” game. Now that some money is on the line I am bringing it. I learned from my mistakes in the office challenge so I could even beat Gail with the game I am bringing to this challenge. 😛

Name Initial Weight August 3rd
AbbieWatters 285
Betty Not Posting
Elisa 208
FitBy40Ms 257.4
Food Addict 197.2
J 168.5
Kadel 180.5
Kathie 269
ManIsMyShadow 282.4
Sam 178
Shonnie 182
SkinnyCat64 165
Slim Joan 181.8
Testing True Change 187
The Grumpy Man 185
Tiffany 280

For everyone playing along, I will need your next weigh-in by Friday, August 3rd. You can weigh-in at any point in the week, but I must have your weight by the end of the work week. Oh, and anyone out there that still wants to join the fun, you have until August 1st to make your initial weigh-in.  The only problem is the whole shebang may already be over by the end of next week. 😛

I’ve dropped a pile of water weight since last Sunday. Heck, I didn’t even tell you my real high water mark that I hit last Saturday & Sunday. I should be entering full-blown Atkins Ketosis sometime tomorrow which should drain even more water out of my system. I’m not sure about that though because I lost 5 pounds in the 2 days before the contest started and that had to be pretty much all water.

Weight Statistics


One thing I need to do is start counting my darn sweet n low intake. If I am going to stay below 20 carbs a day for 60 days I am going to have to stop using so darn much sweet n low. I wish I could just drink water for 60 days but that would kill me. I need my coffee to make life tolerable. 😛

Hey! 7 whole days without ice cream. First time in 2 months that I have gone 7 days without ice cream. It is going to take some extreme willpower to stay away from the fruit basket this week. I think after a week, I’ll be fine. Those darn donuts were looking mighty tasty yesterday. 😦

I’m not sure where my sweet tooth came from. I wish it would go away.

It was the salty and savory snack that got me up to my peak weight. Somehow that switched to a sweet tooth. Heck, I don’t even crave Taco Bell like I used to.  Now my brain only wants cookies, cake and ice cream.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Pork loin with cheese

Lunch – Pork loin with cheese

Dinner – Baked chicken with salad

Snack – Bacon, pork loin with cheese

Calories – 1450

I was over at my dad’s house for a Game Of Thrones Season 2 marathon and he had a very annoying Apple Pie sitting on his kitchen table. That darn thing kept screaming at me all day. I was able to stop myself from diving into the pie by eating some bacon. Each time I felt my willpower waning, I grabbed a couple of pieces of bacon.

UpComing Challenges

I have another Webinar lunch on Monday. I’m not sure what I will eat or if I will eat. My best option might be to skip eating the lunch. Next Saturday I am off to Casa Garcia for my sister and my dad’s birthday lunch. That will be tough keeping my hands away from the chips, salsa and bean dip. I know they have a grilled chicken dish with onions and peppers so there is at least one safe item on the menu. On top of those challenges will be the normal Wednesday lunch and Friday donuts not to mention all the random items left on the grazing table.

Happy Dieting, get to work!

The Grumpy Man

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  1. My day went pretty well. I kind of ran in to a bit of a mess last night with my son’s mac and cheese. It was thrown out quickly before complete disaster struck!

    My husband is gone a month at a time, which causes me to stress eat. Needless to say, I have to make that a thing of the past. I am trying to keep busy which helps distract me from the kitchen.

    I will only be weighing in once a week, so will post that on Friday.

    You are going down Grumpy!


    • Stress eating is tough to battle. I’m guilty of it all the time.

      You are right. I am going down. My weight is dropping down…down…down.


  2. Nicely done Grumpy! Just don’t forget this is a two month battle 😛

    Also, my weigh day’s are on Saturdays, not Fridays. Can you just take that weight even though it’s the next day?

    • Yup. You get the special TTC weigh-in time. 😛

      I was just trying to get everyone by Friday because this place seems to close down on weekends.

  3. 166.2

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