Week 1

J has thrown down with a 2+ pound week. That is the sobering news. The good news is that he can’t keep it up since J doesn’t have  much left to lose. Although I said the same thing about Gail in the office contest and she kept losing until she almost disappeared. 😛

Last Week was the initial weigh-in so I am calling this week 1. Toss your weight out anytime during this week and I’ll add it to the spreadsheet.

Weight Statistics


I’m not far behind J. Once Atkins kicks in I should get a nice boost.  I should be in full-blown Ketosis at the moment. I’ve been under 20 carbs for two days so that should be long enough to be back in Ketosis.  I’m hoping for the

WHOOSH to hit tomorrow but I already dropped a pile of water weight so I am not sure it will happen like it normally does.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Pork loin with cheese

Lunch – Pork loin with cheese

Dinner – Baked chicken with salad

Snack – Pork loin with cheese

Calories – 1250

Sweet N Low Count – 2

I really need to figure out some snacks I can eat.  Next time I hit Sam’s I might give individual packs of nuts a shot.  I don’t want to burn out on pork loin and that is going to happen if I keep eating so darn much of it. Not many options when you are trying to keep super low carb and low sodium. 😛

Technology Is Crazy

Bob Ross has been dead for almost 20 years, but here he is singing a new song.

Same thing for good old Mr. Rogers.

I know lots of people hate the Autotune program but this is a use that I wholeheartedly endorse. 😀

PBS! Do parents still get their kids to watch PBS? We watched it because we only had 4 options on the tv set. I’m guilty of almost never watching PBS anymore. About the only time I watch is when they have something good on Masterpiece like Sherlock, Downton Abbey or Wallander. Support your local PBS station. 😀

Tip Of The Day

None of us are going to perfect with the diet over the next two months. Progress not perfection is what you should strive for.

If you set perfection as your goal then once you stumble it will be easier to convince yourself that you might as well spiral out of control.

It is very easy to get demoralized when you think of the long road ahead. Don’t do that. Get through each day and measure your success as you reach your mini-goals. Don’t worry about time. Once you start losing weight, this becomes much easier to do, that is a promise. 😀

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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  1. 179.8. Oh yeah!

    But tell me, why are weekends such a challenge? It’s only two measely days!

  2. […] two pounds down from my previous lowest weight.  This makes me happy.  Especially since I am in Grumpy’s Coffee Mug Challenge.  I need to kick some butt, folks.  The challenge runs until October, so I have some time to […]

  3. Was down by half a pound today Grumpy! I’m coming for you.

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