Terrible Terrible Trio

I’ve had 3 out of control cookie monster days. Even the devil on my shoulder told me enough was enough.

I might not even step on the scale until my official weigh-in on Thursday. It will be UGLY!!!

The reading on the scale will be uglier than that dog. Holy smokes, there are a lot of ugly dogs out there.


I don’t like the way the current models look. Even though the National Hurricane Center Track has the storm moving inland somewhere around Mobile, it looks to me like most of the models have the storm hitting Louisiana.

Hopefully it doesn’t strengthen much over the next 48 hours.

I am expecting the mayor to push for an evacuation sometime this afternoon unless the models make a dramatic change and it clearly shows a track into Florida or Alabama.

Actually that picture is an update and they have moved it a little more to the west. This storm is a nightmare for the GulfCoast. Pretty much the entire coast might need to evacuate because the storm could hit anywhere from west Louisiana to the panhandle of Florida.

The Contest

Most of us had a better week this week than last. I did, up until Friday and Saturday when the wheels came off the bus, but my official weigh-in day is Thursday so the BAD BAD BAD number won’t show up until this Thursday.

Name Initial Weight Total Loss % LossTotal August 25th Weekly Loss
AbbieWatters 285 0.2 0.07% 281.6 3.2
Betty Not Posting Not Posting Not Posting Not Posting Not Posting
Cory B 254 2 252 2
FitBy40Ms 257.4 4.2 1.63% 253.2 0
Food Addict 197.2 0.8 0.41% 196.4 0
J 168.5 0.6 0.36% 167.9 0.5
Kadel 180.5 0 0.00% 180.5 0
Kathie 269 12 4.46% 257 0
ManIsMyShadow 282.4 6.2 2.20% 276.2 4.2
Sam 178 1 0.56% 177 1
Shonnie 182 +7.5 +4.12% 189.5 0
SkinnyCat64 165 7 4.24% 158 1
Slim Joan 181.8 0.8 0.44% 181 3
Testing True Change 187 +0.6 +0.32% 187.6 +0.5
The Grumpy Man 185 9.4 5.08% 175.6 1.1
Tiffany 280 22.2 7.93% 257.8 2.4

Great job this week by Abbie, Cory, ManIs, Slim and Tiffany. Actually, great job by everyone who dropped weight and everyone who TRIED. Just keep at it and the scale will move in the right direction.

We still have over a month to go. I really messed up big time but I plan to tighten the old belt strap and get back to work. My goal was to try to get back under 170 and that is still my plan. I just might need to change my game plan. I might need to add the Bike back into the equation.

Keep up the hard work and if you are having trouble getting the scale moving in the right direction, analyze your diet. In most cases we eat more than we think. You might need to trim your intake a bit to get the scale moving.

I need to go back in time and stop the creation of ice cream. 😛

Happy Dieting, hope to be back soon, but I have no idea if I will be home or on the road fleeing the storm

The Grumpy Man



Uh oh!

Bad day yesterday!

Bad day today!

1 step forward. 19 steps backwards!

No grizzly details tonight.

The Contest

Good thing Thursday is my official weigh-in morning. I was done slightly this week. Next week, I might be UP UP and Away!

I’ll post the official end of the week numbers tomorrow. Several people seem to have disappeared and I might need to stalk them tomorrow to get some weigh-ins. 😛

BEHAVE this weekend or at least try to do better than I did the last couple of days.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow {unless my scale explodes when I step on it}

The Grumpy Man

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Nom Nom Nom!

Tough day for a diet. I was right about the red beans and rice with sausage. I did the only sane thing which was to take a half day.

The good news is that nobody brought in any sweets today for breakfast so I just had to get through the free lunch. As I said above, I needed to do about a million errands so I opted to take a half day. I still almost grabbed lunch before heading out but my willpower held.

I just got back from a birthday party and my willpower wasn’t as firm. I skipped the spinach dip with chips and I was trying to skip eating anything at all. I was afraid that once I started, I wouldn’t stop.

Hunger finally got the best of me, so I grabbed some salad and a few spoonfuls of the spinach dip. As I feared I kept going back and my next trip I grabbed some of the insane cheesy buttery shrimp pasta. I didn’t eat too much, but I ate more than I should have. I was able to abstain from the cake but only by fleeing the house right as my willpower crumbled.

Not sure what the scale will show me tomorrow. I still think my calories were under 1700 but I’m not sure.

I was not happy with the scale today.

I was expecting a decent drop this morning. The scale showed a gain.

Weight Statistics


I just about broke my toe on the scale. I really was POSITIVE it was going to be under 175 this morning. I even thought it might dip under 174. I was stunned by 175.2. 😛

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Pork loin with cheese

Lunch – Baked chicken with salad

Dinner – Shrimp pasta with salad

Snack – Pistachios

Calories – 1750

Total calories was probably lower. I just have no clue how much pasta I ate or the calories. I do know it was LOADED with salt.

The cake looked good but I have another cake to worry about tomorrow night so I opted out in favor of perhaps having some tomorrow. 😛

The Contest

The good news is that I will be down this week, after being up last week. The same can be said about several other people who were up last week. Keep up the great work and make sure you post your numbers by Saturday or I will be forced to online stalk you to get the numbers. 😀

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man


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More Fruit Pies!

Oh, now I get it. We had free fruit pies for 3 weeks then all of a sudden today there was a sign next to the pies, $2.00 per pie. I get it. They got us hooked and now they want cash money. 😛

They didn’t have any strawberry cream cheese pies like last week so I was able to avoid the pies. Pies weren’t the only temptation.

Someone brought in bread pudding for breakfast!!! I was able to abstain but I went over and gave the bread pudding a longing look about 5 times.

Conspiracy Theories

I think someone in the contest is sneaking into my office and dropping off tasty treats. That is the only explanation for the increase in sweets at the office. If I find more ice cream in the freezer, I will know I am right. I’m looking in your direction Sam. Or is it you FitBy40??? I know one of you is out to sabotage my diet. 😛

Weight Statistics


I guess I should be happy I didn’t go up any more. I was hoping to drop off the Saturday night gain but it wants to hang around a little longer. I ate too much this evening, so I am not sure what the scale will show me tomorrow.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Pork loin with cheese

Lunch – Pistachios

Dinner – Chicken with salad

Snacks – Pistachios, Pork loin


Calories – 1400

I ate a little bit too much for dinner and I used a little bit too much sriracha. I’m still expecting a little dip from the scale tomorrow.
I need a dip because tomorrow is going to be one giant minefield. It is once again time for Free Lunch Wednesday. So far I have done pretty good with Wednesdays but I really think the meal will be red or white beans and rice.

It has been a LONG LONG time since my last pot of red beans and rice. I am not sure my willpower will survive if red bean and rice with sausage is on the menu tomorrow.  The seafood menu would be even worse.

The Contest

Hump day is almost here. Keep working hard and get ready to give me your weekly weight numbers!

See you tomorrow, Happy Dieting

The Grumpy Man

Delayed Reaction Monday!

I knew the scale wasn’t going to let me get away with eating a loaded baked potato and the MOUNDS of salt at Outback Steakhouse.

It took an extra day, but the scale punched me this morning. Not a huge jump and certainly much better than last weekend.

Weight Statistics


I was hoping for a loss this morning but the loss Sunday morning didn’t make sense to me based on what I ate Saturday night. Even though I had a good day today, I have a feeling I might continue to climb tomorrow. 😦

I’ve been thirsty all day which is why I am a bit worried about my trip to the scale tomorrow.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Pork loin with cheese

Lunch – Pistachios

Dinner – Chicken with salad

Snack – Pistachios

Calories -1200

I thought it would be a temptation free day  until someone decided to pop by with beignets.  I didn’t notice them until late in the morning. I guess everyone was hungry because they all disappeared. Usually it takes all day for them to disappear. Beignets become hockey pucks pretty quickly which is why most of the time, they are still around until late afternoon. I don’t mind when they are stale and chewy.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to rely on my willpower because they were gone so fast.


You have to love the government. Some guy in North Carolina is suing the state of North Carolina because they forced him or threatened him to take down diet advice because he is not a licensed nutritionist.  He was promoting the Paleo Diet on his site and he claims he received emails telling him he was dispensing illegal advice. He got nervous and removed the material but then sued the state.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man


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