Today was a tough day. First off, I took my sister and dad to lunch for their birthdays at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Casa Garcia.  As with most Mexican places, you get free chips and salsa but they also toss out some hot bean dip with jalapenos. 😛

I usually end up eating at least 1/2 a basket of chips and have eaten as much as a whole basket with extra dip.

So how much did I eat today?

Zilch! Not one chip!

My usual order at Casa Garcia is the chicken fajitas with rice and beans.  That comes with 3 tortillas and some sour cream, guacamole and cheese. I figured that would be too much damage. One time I tried the pork chop which was fantastic but covered in a heavy maple glaze and served with sweet potato fries.

This time I went with the grilled chicken with avocado and tomato salad. The chicken was very good with grilled onions and the avocado was nice. I had to resist the temptation of HALF a plate of rice.

My sister decided my temptation wasn’t over for the day. She wanted to see a movie. I ALWAYS get popcorn at the movies. Not this time.  😛

Weight Statistics


I’m worried about the scale tomorrow. The avocado, onions and my pistachios probably knocked me out of Atkins. Couple that with the massive sodium from the chicken and I might be up  tomorrow even though I was REAL good today.

Today’s Menu

Not this time cookie monster. I stayed in control all day. 😀

Breakfast – None

Lunch – GIANT chicken breast with onions and avocados

Dinner – Chicken with salad

Snacks – Pistachios (3 bags)

Calories – 1500

I wish I could have stopped with 2 bags but the 3rd kept screaming for me to eat it. I still think those things have more sodium that what is listed on the packaging. I’m about to die of thirst right after eating them.

Tip Of The Day

I knew I needed to find a lower carb and cal meal than fajitas so I checked the online menu before heading to Casa. Check menus online and make your selection. If the place you are headed doesn’t have an online menu, try to head somewhere else.  Once you find what you want, stick to it. The best way to do this is to keep the menu CLOSED when you arrive at the restaurant. Once in the restaurant, your willpower WILL drop. The best way to combat a mistake is to keep the menu closed.

The Contest

Name Initial Weight August 4th
AbbieWatters 285 284.4
Betty Not Posting Not Posting
Elisa 208 206
FitBy40Ms 257.4 256
Food Addict 197.2 197
J 168.5 166.2
Kadel 180.5 😛
Kathie 269 257
ManIsMyShadow 282.4 280.6
Sam 178 177
Shonnie 182 187
SkinnyCat64 165 159
Slim Joan 181.8 179.8
Testing True Change 187 😛
The Grumpy Man 185 180
Tiffany 280 278.6

Congratulations to everyone who lost weight and everyone who tried to lose weight. Keep it up. Keep working hard and that scale WILL move in the right direction.

A few of you forgot to post your weight. GET WITH THE PROGRAM! Get to work. Even if you had a bad first week, there is PLENTY of time to get the scale moving in the right direction.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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