Out Of The Blue Temptations

First it was the darn Manager’s Meeting. The meeting takes place next to my office and the aroma of tasty delicacies inundated my olfactory senses.  I forgot to bring my darn pistachio snacks and when I saw some leftover fried filo rolls with feta cheese, my hand went on autopilot. Strike one for the day.

They looked a little bit like those.  I guess the only good news from that encounter was I only grabbed 1. I figure that hit me for about 350 calories.  It was tasty.  Good thing they disappeared immediately. Not sure I could have kept away from a second one if they had hung around for any amount of time.

The family put together a last second birthday party for my dad and sister. I avoided the chips and dip. The cake and the french fries. Just had a burger pattie with onions and guacamole.

I wasn’t expecting that much temptation on a MONDAY!!!

Overall, I did ok. Shouldn’t have grabbed that feta cheese spring roll, but I was not in control of my hand.

Cookie monster was in total control!!! Thankfully, I regained my senses for dinner.

Weight Statistics



I knew I was in for a big drop this morning based on the 1100 trips to the latrine yesterday. I wasn’t expecting the dip to be that large but I’ll take it. I might put some back on tomorrow because my carbs and sodium were high enough to kick me from Ketosis.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Pork loin with cheese

Lunch – Feta cheese spring roll

Dinner – Grilled burger pattie with onions and guacamole

Snack – 1 bag of pistachios

Calories – 1500

I’ve stopped showing my sweet N low count because I have that under control. I’ve gone from about 10 to 12 a day down to 3 to 4.

I’m a bit worried about the free lunch this week. My brain really was on cruise control and couldn’t have stopped myself from eating that spring roll to save my life. 😛

I need to make sure I remember to bring my snacks to work on Wednesday. I have a feeling it will be one of the worst calorie meals. I’m thinking it is poboy time.

The Contest

If you missed the weigh-in last week, please get back to work and give me a number this week. I don’t want to lose anyone so early in the contest and the whole point of the weekly weigh-in was to keep people moving in the right direction. So I won’t toss anyone out for a few missed weigh-ins.  Looking at you Testy! Oh wait. I see you did post your weight on your blog.

Tip Of The Day

Today showed the real importance of having acceptable snacks around at all times. If I could have grabbed some pistachios that would have saved me LOTS of calories and carbs.

Make sure you ALWAYS have acceptable snacks around the house and at work.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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