Cracking A Bit!


I wasn’t going to post tonight but I figured I needed to do something to get my brain off of food. I’ve spent the last 30 minutes reading post from the beginning of the year when I did the office competition. I was trying to find out how long I went from the start of the competition until the time I cheated and I was going to use that time frame as my rationale for cheating tonight!

I actually had a decent day at work. Nobody brought in any tasty treats so there weren’t any temptations to annoy me. I forgot my pistachios at home so I was about to gnaw my leg off by the time quitting time arrived.

I ate dinner. Then my snacks. Nothing. I feel like a bottomless pit at the moment….

My old nemesis Taco Bell keeps whispering to me trying to lure me out into the evening for a run across the border. Not going to happen. At least not tonight. 😛

Weight Statistics


I was actually more than a little grumpy this morning. I was expecting a pretty sizable drop. Nothing wrong with half a pound but I was positive that little stomach ailment yesterday would drop me 2 pounds. I was wrong. 😛

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Pork Loin and cheese

Lunch – None

Dinner – Baked chicken with salad

Snacks – Pork loin with cheese, pistachios

Calories – 1350

Another good day but the easy weight is gone. Now things get hard and my mind tries to convince me of the health benefits of General Tso’s Chicken.  Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has secret weight losing powers!

I actually have a couple of cheats coming up that I won’t be able to skip nor will I try. I always celebrate the start of the football season with a cheat. The first year it was a Philly cheese steak. Last year it was LOTS of pizza. Not sure what I will get this time. I’ve got a little under a month until then.

The other planned cheat has to do with the office Fantasy Football League. Evidently they have a bit of a party for the live draft. I joined the league and was immediately turned into the commissioner so now I need to put the whole shebang together. That will take place near the first week of the NFL so that means 2 cheats close together. I need to build some serious momentum before that time.

Tip Of The Day!

Distractions! Sometimes you need to find a nice time killer to distract your brain. Hunger tends to come on in a strong wave but it usually dissipates. When I started typing this post, I just about had one foot out the door. Now, I am fine. All it took was a little distraction to get food off my brain, even though I spent half the post talking about food. 😛

The Contest

The end of the week is almost upon us. Get those weights in. We had a new person with an INSANE drop this week. Great job! Everyone needs to keep up the hard work. Just keep trying and eventually that scale will move in the right direction.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.

The Grumpy Man

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