Late Show

Just got home not long ago, so not much to say tonight.

I was in a FOUL TEMPER this morning. After my day of avoiding temptations, I GAINED half a pound. GAINED! I expected to break under 176 instead I was up to 176.7. I was not happy.

Weight Statistics


Once again fried pies showed up on the grazing table. Chocolate, lemon, apple, cherry and strawberry cream cheese flavor. 😛

The last one sent me into cold sweats. I don’t care much about chocolate, lemon, apple or cherry but the strawberry cream cheese had me worried. I gave it the usual evil eye and walked away. A little later it was still there. I started praying for someone to hurry up and eat it. Even later, it was still sitting there. I really started praying for someone to eat it. My 4th trip through the kitchen, my prayers were answered. I ate it. 😀

I forgot to ask god to have someone OTHER than me eat it.

On top of that I was in a committee meeting for lunch and I had a Honey Baked Chef salad which I am sure had about 40 billion mgs of sodium. I am not expecting the scale to be nice to me tomorrow.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Baked chicken {out of pork}

Lunch – Chef salad

Dinner – None

Snacks – Strawberry cream cheese pie,pistachios

Calories – 1550

I was probably ok with the calories today but the sugar will knock me out of ketosis and the 40 billion mgs of sodium might hit me with a double whammy. Problem is, it might not show up on the scale until Saturday.

I actually don’t feel too bad about the pie. It was that good. 😀

See you tomorrow, Happy Dieting

The Grumpy Man

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