Lions &Tigers & Bears… Oh my!

I tried to behave yesterday. Even though I always go bonkers on the day of the first Saints game, I tried to behave. I had a bunless burger and a side Caesar instead of fries. Not bad. Certainly better than the large pizza I had last year.

Then my sweet tooth kicked in. I have a few boxes of MREs from the hurricane and each meal has cookies and candy. I went OVERBOARD!!! The fig cookies are bland but the raspberry cookie was pretty good. So I ate another one. 😛

Thus I am the cowardly lion. I was too scared to even get on the scale this morning. Heck, I have a feeling I will skip tomorrow too. I did much better today, but I broke into the MRE’s again. My calories were probably about 1500 but I had TOO MUCH sodium and too many carbs.

I probably need to get on that scale tomorrow to stop the MRE cycle.
I just need to find that courage medal tomorrow morning. 😛

Short post tonight, I am tired.

The Grumpy Man


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  1. You can’t fix what you don’t see… so step on that scale and try to beat me! 🙂

    • Yup! As usual, not getting on the scale just leads to more bad decisions. At least for me, I MUST get on that sucker every single morning.

  2. I weighed in yesterday at 180.6. Talk about bears. I seem to have one on my back.

  3. Well, I think I am down about 4 ounces! hahahahaha! 188.8 gotta love it. hey at least it is going down … right?

    • That is way down because last time I weighed–I was up to like 196–I have no idea what all is going on. Cuz I am doing the right stuff, but my body isn’t working with it–stress most likely.

    • Yup! Any movement down is always good.

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