Not a very good weekend. I did fine Friday until I broke into the MREs(meals ready to eat) Friday night. I did fine Saturday until I broke into the MREs that night. I did fine Sunday until……no actually I did not do fine Sunday.

I wasn’t very good once the SAINTS were crushed. I broke into the MREs. Those oatmeal cookies, raspberry cookies and peanut M&Ms have been more temptation that I have been able to handle. That and the peanut butter.

Anyone see a pattern? Those MREs are trouble. You can definitely see the importance of keeping BAD FOOD out of the house. All of those cookies, candies and crackers are more temptation than I have been able to deal with lately.

The Contest

I was supposed to post the numbers yesterday but after the Saints game I was a little too cranky to post.

Name Initial Weight Total Loss % LossTotal Sept 15 Weekly Loss
AbbieWatters 285 3 1.05% 282 0.4
Betty Not Posting Not Posting Not Posting Not Posting Not Posting
Cory B 254 9.5 3.74% 244.5 1.5
FitBy40Ms 257.4 8.4 3.26% 249 0
Food Addict 197.2 6.6 3.35% 190.6 0
J 168.5 -3.7 -2.20% 172.2 0
Kadel 180.5 0 0.00% 180.5 0
Kathie 269 14 5.20% 255 0
ManIsMyShadow 282.4 6.2 2.20% 276.2 0
Sam 178 1 0.56% 177 0
Shonnie 182 -6.8 -3.74% 188.8 0.7
SkinnyCat64 165 8 4.85% 157 1
Slim Joan 181.8 1.2 0.66% 180.6 0.2
Testing True Change 187 0 0.00% 187 +2
The Grumpy Man 185 7 3.78% 178 0
Tiffany 280 28.7 10.25% 251.3 0

If I missed or messed up your numbers, let me know.

Only 2 weeks left. I know I can’t retain the grumpy mug, but I am hoping I can dig deep enough to finish strong. I want to at least get back below my panic weight. That may take some serious work because I did some serious DAMAGE over the weekend.

Skype just beeped at me and almost scared me into heart failure. 😛

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – None

Lunch – None

Dinner – Pork loin and salad

Snacks – None

Calories – 850

I overslept this morning so I didn’t have time for breakfast.

Weight Statistics

I don’t know. I decided against stepping on the scale this morning because I didn’t want a broken toe. The results would have made me kicking mad. I’ll get back on tomorrow to see the carnage.

I appear to be back on track today. Weekends are a serious pain!!! Too much time to eat!!! 😛

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow.

The Grumpy Man

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  1. 180 yesterday morning. Cripes.

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