The Winner

Tiffany’s Mug

Tiffany claims the title and coffee mug with a whopping 37 pound loss!!!

Name Initial Weight Total Loss % Loss Total 10/01/12 Weekly Loss
AbbieWatters 285 3 1.05% 282 0
Betty Not Posting Not Posting Not Posting Not Posting Not Posting
Cory B 254 15.5 6.10% 238.5 6
FitBy40Ms 257.4 8.4 3.26% 249 0
Food Addict 197.2 6.6 3.35% 190.6 0
J 168.5 -1.9 -1.13% 170.4 -1.4
Kadel 180.5 0 0.00% 180.5 0
Kathie 269 15 5.58% 254 1
ManIsMyShadow 282.4 11.8 4.18% 270.6 2
Sam 178 4 2.25% 174 -1
Shonnie 182 -6.8 -3.74% 188.8 0
SkinnyCat64 165 7 4.24% 158 -1
Slim Joan 181.8 1 0.55% 180.8 -0.8
Testing True Change 187 0 0.00% 187 0
The Grumpy Man 185 0 0.00% 185 -8.5
Tiffany 280 37.4 13.36% 242.6 0.6

Congratulations to Tiffany and everyone who dropped some weight. Those of us who didn’t lose any weight need to get back to work.

I’ve learned that I still need lots of work on my willpower. When I am around bad food for a prolonged period of time, it ends up in my belly.

I need to get back to work for real. I need to get the remaining MREs out of my possession. My step dad is beating me. Maybe I will race him to 165. He has a huge lead on me but I think I will try to race him to 165 again. 20 pounds for me with only 9 for him to lose.

Geaux Tiff! Keep up the great work. Email me your address for me to send the coffee mug.

Great job Kathie!

Good thing Cory started the competition late or you might have had a challenger.  Man Is My Shadow, great job. Keep at it!

Everyone deserves a round of applause.

Tip Of The Day

The last month with the MREs in the house has proven to me the importance of keeping bad food OUT of the house. Not everyone can do this, but you need to keep the pantry bare. You need to get your family behind you which means they needs to cut out the garbage food for a while.

I’ve said all along, my willpower really isn’t very good. I can avoid work breakdowns here and there but if there is a box of cookies in my apartment. They won’t last for long. I think I’ll pack up the rest of the junk and get it out of the apartment.

I need to get back to posting daily, keeping junk out of the apartment, weighing daily and yup, I need to get back to the bike even though I will only be able to ride on weekends.

Happy dieting, CONGRATULATIONS Tiff!

The Grumpy Man

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  1. Gratz Tiffany!!! Well done!

  2. Thank you, this contest has been my will power for the past few weeks. I hope I can keep going without the contest! I tend to fall off the wagon too many times… 😦 THank you all for kicking my butt into gear!

  3. AMAZING JOB Tiffany!!!!

  4. Don’t feel much like I was even in the right race. hahah! WTG TIF!! Keep it goin’ girl … or I will come get cha!

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