Mistakes Mistakes and More Mistakes!

I should know better. I skipped breakfast this morning and by the time the Free Lunch showed up I was famished. I held out for about an hour then decided to head up and just grab a salad. Yeah right. The second I got up there….

that guy took over my brain and I had some meatball poboys and gumbo to go with my tiny salad.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – None

Lunch – Meatball poboys, cup of gumbo and salad

Dinner – Pork loin with cheese

Calories – Around 2000

Not a total disaster. I didn’t eat until exploding.  Just when I was about to head back into ketosis, I eat a giant pile of carbs.  There weren’t many leftovers so at least I won’t be tempted tomorrow. 😛

I need to STOP the cycle of disasters!

The Bike

Wal-Mart did process the bike and the tracking claims it was picked up by FedEx. I’ll believe it when I see it. I sure hope it arrives by the 19th but given my track record with Wal-Mart,  it might be around T-Giving. 😛

The Scale

I had to run to Sam’s for work so while I was there I picked up some batteries for my scale. However, I doubt I will check my weight tomorrow after the poboys. For now, my scale is still experiencing technical difficulties. Ohhh. I wonder if the scale is broken and it isn’t the battery!

The Race To 165

My step-dad came up with a good punishment for losing. His high school was the arch-rival of my high school. If I lose, I have to wear a De La Salle hat at the next big family event. If he loses, he has to wear a Jesuit hat. 😀

He is only 7 pounds away while I am at least 3240330 away. Or so it seems. I’ll find out on Friday when I check the scale.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow


The Grumpy Man

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