Do Over!!!

If only indeed! Thursday through Saturday were not good. I had an excuse on Friday. My sister got a new job!!! Go Sis! With that bit of good news we went out and celebrated. I didn’t have an excuse for Thursday or Saturday. 😛

With so many bad days in a row the scale will be UGLY tomorrow. Very very ugly.

It will be some time before I am willing to post my weight. 😛


Windows 8

For the record, I am a Microsoft fanboy. I wouldn’t have purchased Windows 8 on the first day if I wasn’t a fan of Microsoft products. Don’t buy Windows 8.  It isn’t ready. It isn’t really any faster than Windows 7 and it has many bugs. If you multi-task, it is a nightmare.

I pretty much just use the same desktop as Windows 7 because the new Start Screen is a nightmare for multi-tasking. It could be that I haven’t learned to use it correctly BUT if I can’t figure it out over a weekend, then the average user will also have trouble. Lots of trouble.

Windows needed to get a new product out to combat Android and Apple, so they rushed this one. Vista stunk, so Microsoft learned from their mistakes and created Windows 7 which is good. I think they will learn from Windows 8 and the next iteration will be better. However, until  then, put Windows 8 on hold or at least until they patch many of the problems.

I couldn’t use Netflix in a browser after loading Windows 8. My display driver blinks on and off sometimes. You can’t set a pop3 email account using the Start Screen mail App. My boot time is SLOWER than Windows 7. Oh, I can’t turn my computer off. When I turn it off, it comes back on every single time to tell me there was an error shutting down. Nice. So I just need to leave my computer on forever! End rant.

The Bike

Along with eating everything not nailed down, I also didn’t ride from Thursday through Saturday. The good news is that my legs were well rested today so I had a nice long ride.

Lvl 4 – 15 Minutes
Lvl 5 – 15 Minutes
Lvl 6 – 02 minute
Lvl 2 – 15 Minutes
47 Minutes
11.6 Miles
249 Calories

My legs are going to be super wobbly tomorrow. Just 2 weeks ago I was only able to get by with this workout……

10 Minutes – LVL 3
10 Minutes – LVL 1
5.6 Miles

I thought it would take longer to get to where I could ride 10 miles. I hit that goal in under two weeks. Now I need to get to my next goal of riding 20 miles. I’m going to stick to the same resistance levels and try to get it up to 20 miles.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – None

Lunch – Chicken and salad

Dinner – Chicken and salad

Snack – None

Calories – Under 1000

I’m just about out of food. I really need to get to Sam’s tomorrow. I think I have enough food to get me through Tuesday. I need to learn from my MANY past mistakes. Don’t run out of healthy options.
Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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