Not good!

Nope, not a good day.

Candy is dandy!!!

A total Halloween meltdown.

Food, food and more food. All over the place.

10/31/2012 Disaster Day!

First the good news. I did have a good Tuesday. I had a good eating day, I went to the store and I had a decent ride on the bike.  Solid day. Then…..

I had a big bag of candy that I brought to work. I decided  early to roll with the Halloween candy but I was going to keep it to a couple of mini-twix.  It seems like everyone brought candy. Every floor had bags of candy and it wasn’t that junk candy nobody every wants to get….


The good stuff.

Candy bars all over the place. A few turned into WAY WAY WAY too many. Then pastries made an appearance. 😛

The Wednesday free lunch was something new. Chicken and sausage pasta. Poboys during the seminar and finally a GIANT chocolate cake when the costume contest started. About Eleventy Billion Calories today. I need to skip leftovers tomorrow.

I am stuffed!

The Bike


lvl4 – 15 Minutes
lvl3 – 10 Minutes
lvl5 – 6 Minutes
lvl6 – 2 Minutes
33 Minutes
7.7 Miles
167 Calories


15 Minutes Lvl4
15 Minutes Lvl5
17 Minutes Lvl3
02 Minutes Lvl6
49 Minutes
11.6 Miles
Calories – 253

With the HORRIFIC eating day, I needed to force myself on the bike for a GOOD ride. Done! Now, I need to get back on track. No leftovers tomorrow! 😛

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

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