Horrific Patterns!

The horrible pattern continues. I have a good Sunday – Tuesday then the mouth takes over for the rest of the week. That same pattern has held true this week.

The only good news to report is that I had a good ride today. I wanted to go a bit longer but I was drenched in sweat and the legs were wobbly, so I stopped.

The Bike

20 Minutes Lvl 3

20 Minutes Lvl 4

10 Minutes Lvl 3

3.5 Minutes Lvl 5

53.5 Minutes

272 Calories

13.3 Miles

I took Thursday night off and skipped last night but 5 nights out of 7 is a pretty solid week. I just need to keep hitting the bike at least 5 nights a week and eventually I will get the mouth back under control…. I hope. 😀

Happy Dieting,

The Grumpy Man


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