That was my reaction to the scale on Monday when I had a phantom 2 pound gain after a perfect weekend.

That is what I felt like doing when I held on to that phantom weight gain after a good day Monday.

Yup! That is how I felt this morning after my tenth great day in a row. The scale still refused to budge. Unfortunately, the great days in a row ended today with LUNCHAGEDDON.

Today was the office Thanksgiving party. My plan was to have a little bit of everything but when there are a ton of different dishes, a little bit of everything still adds up to a GIANT plate full of food. 😛

Worth it! 😛

The half slice of pumpkin and half slice of peach pie was mighty tasty. I imagine the scale is going to move tomorrow in the WRONG direction. I need to get on another good streak until next Thursday when things will blow up again. 😀

The Bike


20 Minutes Lvl 3

100 calories

5 Miles

I had nothing left in the gas tank. I couldn’t do more than 20.


I really had nothing left in the tank. I went to sleep at 8:45. No ride. I’ve been fighting a cold which has my head clogged up so much I can’t hear. Thankfully, after a couple of week of dealing with this, I think things are clearing up a bit.


Don’t know. The night is young. No ride yet, I just got home. I need to get a long ride done tonight because I take Thursday off because I don’t get home until after 10.

Happy Dieting, see you later

The Grumpy Man









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