I need a do over!

Thursday was almost as bad as Wednesday. Plenty of leftovers from the office T-Giving Party ended up in my belly. I rebounded on Friday with a nice bike ride and I kept the eating under control. I also had a great Sunday with a nice ride and once again I kept the eating under control.

Can we do Saturday over again?

I didn’t do a good job of anything on Saturday. No ride and roughly eleventy billion calories.

Ice cream got me on Saturday. Along with a few other tasty treats.

At least I did a good job on Friday and Sunday. I kept the calories to around 1000.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Pork loin with cheese

Lunch – Turkey burger

Dinner – Turkey burger with salad

Calories – 1000

I really need to have a great Monday through Wednesday because things will get ugly on Thursday. 😛

The Bike


20 Minutes lvl05
20 Minutes lvl03
02 Minutes lvl06
12 Minutes lvl04
54 Minutes
288 Calories
13.5 Miles


20 Minutes lvl04
20 Minutes lvl03
10 Minutes lvl05
02 Minutes lvl06
13.7 Miles
285 Calories

A decent week on the bike. Nothing spectacular. I only did 4 rides last week although I did have a valid excuse for 2 of the days I didn’t ride. No excuse on Saturday other than I was too full to move. 😛

I only rode about 37 miles down from about 50 last week. I am going to have to do better this week with the beginning of “Fat Season.”

I’m not happy. I spent about 3 hours earlier today organizing all of my music on my computer. Unbeknownst to me, I didn’t save any of the changes. I just assumed the stupid windows player was saving the changes as I made them.  I finally force myself to organize the mess that is the music on my computer and I don’t save any of the changes.  😦

The Saints

Congratulations to the Saints for clawing their way back into the playoff hunt. They are only a game back in the hunt for a wildcard. Very impressive to fight back from 0-4 to get back to 5-5. They still have a hard road ahead to make the playoffs but at least they have a shot.

Wow, what a crazy day in college football with Oregon and Kansas State losing and once again putting the SEC back in the mix.

Weight Statistics

I was just about ready to report my weight and then I gained 10 pounds in two days.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man




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