Double Trouble!

Donuts & Free Lunch Wednesday!!!

First off, I have a new step I am going to take to try to combat my mouth. I just got a smart phone {Lumia 920}so I plan to take a picture of any cheat food before eating it. Having to post my mistakes MIGHT slow my mouth down. In theory. Didn’t work today. 😛

Behold, the infamous grazing table. My office is straight ahead, down 10 stairs and then right about 15 feet. This is what the table looked like at about 6:30 am.

This is what is looked like by 8:00 am.

Uh oh! I’m not sure who put that on my desk but it somehow worked its way into my mouth. 😛

I thought I was going to catch a break this week. I figured we wouldn’t have donut day because we are off on Friday. Instead, they just moved it to Wednesday and it caught me off guard. Blurp!

I planned on skipping the free lunch after the donut disaster but somehow that plate appeared on my desk. Not too bad. Just a little salad and one piece of hamburger steak. I was afraid today would be poboys. I’m glad it wasn’t.


Monday1000 Calories

Tuesday1000 Calories


Breakfast – Pork loin with cheese, GIANT bear claw

Lunch – Hamburger steak with salad

Dinner – Turkey Burgers with cheese

Calories – 1750

I really wanted to do better today because of the looming disaster tomorrow. 😀

Oh well, I guess it could have been worse today. There were plenty of donuts leftover and I avoided them. A few extra calories won’t kill me and with the world ending in 2012 it doesn’t really matter. 😀

The Bike


15 Minutes lvl04
10 Minutes lvl03
6.75 Miles
Calories – 130


No ride. I was beat. My legs were exhausted and I didn’t have a drop of energy to hit the bike.


20 Minutes lvl05
20 Minutes lvl04
17 Minutes lvl03
03 Minutes lvl06
315 Calories
14.5 Miles

I just finished a nice hour-long ride while watching my favorite Thanksgiving movie, Planes Trains & Automobiles.

Weight Statistics

I lost a little bit Monday morning, but I’ve been stuck the last couple of days. Still don’t want to post my weight gain! 😛

I hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving.

Happy dieting, see you tomorrow….. probably not. 😛

The Real Grumpy Man

Sporting my Movember mustache. Told you I couldn’t grow much of anything. NOT TOO LATE to make a little donation to Movember to help in the fight against cancer.

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