Can I Do That Week Over?

No. I didn’t run off with the gypsies.

I wish I could say I just awakened from a week long slumber.

The Sirens definitely led me astray!

The evil witch did an excellent job of fattening me up this week!

Terrible week. I’ve been in seclusion. It started out fine. I had a nice ride last Sunday and kept the calories low. Then I had a nice ride on Monday and kept the calories low.  Then the rest of the week happened.

Tuesday I ate everything that wasn’t nailed down in my apartment. Wednesday was worse. I thought Thursday couldn’t get any worse until it did. Friday was a mess.

I didn’t ride Tuesday through Friday. I regained my composure on Saturday long enough to have a ride. I ended up doing 3 rides for about 35 miles last week.

My office Christmas party was Saturday night and I didn’t have any intention of trying to diet. I didn’t go overboard but most of the food was fried finger foods and stuffed mushrooms.  I couldn’t stop eating the fried soft-shell crabs.

Now, the only thing to do is brush off the dirt and get back to work. I’ve been cooking and cleaning today. I just finished a 1 hour 16.7 mile ride, so at least I’ve started this week off right.

The bad news is I am going to end this year heavier than last year. The good news is that the office biggest loser contest starts on January 2nd. I just need to try to keep the holiday damage lower than last year. Heck, I went crazy last week and it wasn’t even holiday related. The office Christmas lunch is this coming Thursday and so far there really hasn’t been much Christmas food in the office.

Gale won the office biggest loser contest last year but she has done a fantastic job of keeping most of the weight off so there is no way she can repeat as the champion this year. The crown will be mine for the taking.

Back to work!

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

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