Day 4

The Office Competition


Competition Weight -195.8

Current Weight – 193.0

Office Comp Loss – 2.8 pounds

BirdI had a good weekend. I kept the calories around 1350 each day.  I’ve been under the weather all weekend. Allergies are mauling me. I went to sleep early Friday and Saturday. Since I was under the weather I didn’t even think about any exercise. I might get a short ride done tonight or I might not.

I had a nice drop Saturday morning. Mostly water. I hope I get another big water drop as my body moves back into Ketosis. I’ve kept my carbs under 20 grams every day so I should be back in Ketosis.  I don’t want to lose too much weight in week 1 and have people at work crying foul over a big drop.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Pork loin with cheese

Lunch – Hamburger with cheese

Dinner – Hamburger with salad

Snack – Bacon, Bacon

Calories – 1350

If I add eggs back into the mix, I need to make some of these.

Those look pretty good to me and they are 100% Atkins approved. Well, not quite 100% approved. I need to substitute  Canadian bacon in place of the muffin. My favorite day of the week, I once again headed to Baker’s Dozen.

No donuts for me but the ride from Baker’s Dozen to the office was rough with the aroma of hot glazed donuts driving me into a frenzy.

The cookie monster part of my brain was lurking but I didn’t let him out. Thankfully, the office crew mauled the donuts faster than usual. Sometimes they last all day but they were almost gone by 9:00am.  Somebody stuck a bag of Oreos on the table along with some graham crackers.  I hid up in my office until everything was gone. 😛

It will be interesting to see who my main competition will be amongst the 11 contestants.  A few of the contestants indulged in the donuts and a few abstained.  I don’t know some of the contestants but out of the ones I know, I think Mr. National Guard and Mr. “F” will be my main competition from the New Orleans office.  I don’t know the people from the Beaumont office.

I guess I’ll have to figure out my main competition in the first couple of weeks.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man




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