A Nice Dip

No, not that kind of dip.

Definitely not that kind of dip.

Nope, not that kind.

Looks great, but not a dip in the pool.

Yay! Nice dip down on the scale.

Weight Statistics

323/188.5/175 Re-fattening Peak – 206
Contest Starting Weight {office scale} – 200.2
Current Competition Loss – 6
Day 14 of 90

Flawless Day Count – 14

I hope I can hang on to that drop tomorrow. I have a feeling I might bounce back up a little tomorrow. It would be nice to hold onto 188.5. That would be close to a 4 pound loss from last week.

The Office Contest

I’ll take 3 but 4 would be nice. 3 would put me at a 9 pound drop in the first 2 weeks. That should keep me near the top in the contest. I’ve been smack talking with the other contestants but there hasn’t been much back talk. I think the gang had a bad week. I haven’t seen JM {current leader} eating this week so he probably held the lead or built on it.

Only time will tell. I guess we shall find out tomorrow. I should find out who will be my main competition tomorrow or maybe the following week.

Today’s Menu

Those sure look good. One serious negative of living in an apartment. I can’t have a grill. I’ve tried an electric grill but it doesn’t taste nearly as good as cooking on an open flame.

Breakfast – Pork loin with cheese

Lunch – None

Dinner – Pork loin with cheese and salad

Snack – Almonds and Orange

Calories – 1200

I decided to keep going with the fruit until this cold is 100% gone. I’ve kept it to a piece or two so it hasn’t slowed my weight loss to this point.

3 days in a row without any real temptations at work. The free lunch was beef stew or baked chicken. Neither tempted me in the least.

candyI ran to Sam’s today for some office supplies and I had to reload the hard candy jars. Nope. Not tempted. I guess ever so slightly tempted by the butterscotch but that is it. Plus by tomorrow the clamoring hoards will have picked out all of the really good candy.

Happy Dieting, see you maybe Friday. 😛

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

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  1. There is a CANDY JAR, TOO!!???? TOO MUCH!!!!! Good Luck!

    • Yeah, but most of the time it just has peppermints in it and I don’t get too excited by peppermints.

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