Weekend Report

I had a nice drop on Saturday and it held today. I thought I might bounce back up but I didn’t. I’m hoping the scale keeps putting up some nice numbers all week.

I want to break The Pattern. Sunday or Monday always seems to be my lowest weight of the week even if I behave the rest of the week. I’m hoping I break that pattern this week and the scale continues to move down all week.

I want to post a really nice number this week and maybe start to scare off the competition in the contest. This week I am interested to what kind of number Mr. National Guard hits. He was sick last week which aided his loss a bit . I also want to see if Jess rebounds this week to regain the lead.

Mardi Grass really should heat up the grazing table this week. I wouldn’t be surprised if multiple King Cakes started landing. I have a Lunch & Learn set up on Wednesday and I know a King Cake has been ordered for that meeting.

Last year, I think I had only one piece of King Cake for the whole Mardi Gras season. Maybe two, but I only remember one. This year I am not sure I am going to have any. It all depends on the Thursday weigh-in. If I build on my lead, I might allow myself one piece but if I am still neck and neck with the 2nd & 3rd place contenders, I won’t have any King Cake. 😦

Weight Statistics

Friday – 187.5

Saturday – 185.9


Re-fattening Peak – 206
Contest Starting Weight {office scale} – 200.2
Current Weight {office scale} – 190.4
Current Competition Loss – 9.8
Day 25 of 90

Flawless Days – 22 Days

I had a really good eating weekend. No cheats at all. I did get a bit hungry Saturday night but I kept the cookie monster portion of my brain under control.

I’m hoping I can get rid of that .6 by Thursday. That would give me about a 3 pound loss for the week which should keep me in first place or near the top in the Office Contest.

Recent Menu

Friday – 1425 Calories

Saturday – 1425 Calories

Sunday – 1200 Calories

Breakfast – None

Lunch – Hamburger patty with cheese

Dinner – Pork loin with salad

Snacks – Almonds

Short post tonight. I’m off to sleep.

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

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