Case of the Mondays

That was waiting on the grazing table this morning. That is the King Cake that broke me last year. Yum! Nothing like a nice Pecan King Cake. Not this year. I didn’t eat any. Some of the Biggest Loser contestants did chow down.

There was also some candy on the grazing table. Whenever people drop junk on the table, I grab a few to add back to the candy jars at a later date. Not sure I will have the willpower to give the Baby Ruths away.  😛

This is going to be a very tempting week. I’m sure there will be other King Cakes. I have three Lunch & Learns this week along with the regularly scheduled Free Lunch Wednesday.  Tough week. 😛

I continue to worry about Mr. National Guard. He seems to be working even harder than he did last year. He has been skipping the popcorn hour.

Weight Statistics

Low – 160.5 / Re-fattening Peak – 206
Contest Starting Weight {office scale} – 200.2
Current Weight {office scale} – 190.4
Current Competition Loss – 9.8
Day 26 of 90

Flawless Day Count – 23

Another slight dip this morning. I hope to break the stupid Monday Low pattern tomorrow.  I’ve had a great eating day so there is NO reason for my weight to go up tomorrow. NONE!

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Burger Patty with cheese

Lunch – None

Dinner – Pork loin with salad

Snacks – Almonds

Calories – 1200

I’m just about out of supplies. I have some deer sausage someone from work made. I could use that for about 4 days. I would assume homemade deer sausage probably doesn’t have nearly as much sodium. Not sure about that. Plus I think he said it was jalapenos cheese deer sausage.  I tasted some at work a few weeks back and it was pretty tasty.

Not sure I have the energy to head to Sam’s this week. 😛

Happy Dieting, see you tomorrow

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man


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