New Week, Same Results

King Cakes everywhere. Multiple cakes per day. It is getting crazy around here.

This was the afternoon cake today.

KingCake 3

We’ve had piles of these things all week.

Poboy Fest on Wednesday.

All that was remaining at 1:30 pm when the jackals were done.

I cracked a bit.  After sitting in a conference room for an hour watching everyone eat, the cookie monster was in complete control of my brain. I grabbed some salad and 1 sausage and 1 cheeseburger slice. I tossed the bread and just ate the meat with the salad.

I skipped dinner last night but that poboy meat still caused a small gain this morning. 😛

Weight Statistics

Low – 160.5 / Re-fattening Peak – 206
Contest Starting Weight {office scale} – 200.2
Current Weight {office scale} – 186.8
Current Competition Loss – 13.4
Day 36 of 90
33 Flawless Days

I almost cracked earlier in the week when I learned that Blue Bell had some special Mardi Gras King Cake ice cream.

Good thing Blue Bell does not have a store locator . That actually kept me from heading out to grab some. My plan was to grab some before the end of the season and just store it in the freezer until The Contest is over.

The Contest

The stupid weekly pattern held again. My lowest weight was on Sunday.  😛

My calories were under control all week but my sodium intake spiked too high with the Sausage Festival and the poboy meat.  I was hoping the water would drain out before the weigh-in but it didn’t.

I dropped about 1.2 pounds this week but Jess dropped 1 pound which kept her in 1st place. She has dropped about 7% to my 6.7%.

I was hoping Jess would trip up but she didn’t. Mardi Gras is going to cause some problems for all of the New Orleans contestants. People are going to be eating & drinking all day and night for the next 5 days.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Banana and Orange

Lunch – None

Dinner – Pork loin with salad

Snacks – Almonds

Calories – 1250

The king cake went pretty fast today so it wasn’t around to tempt me much. Same can be said for the leftover poboys. There weren’t many of them and they went very fast.

Not sure what I can do better this week. I might have to start riding the bike if I have any chance of catching Jess.

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

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  1. WTG on holding your own. I hate that your low day is before your weigh in. Hang on … you got a GREAT change. 😀

    • The whole low weight on Sunday or Monday is driving me bonkers. I refuse to let that happen this week. 😀

      • how you gonna hold it back? Or kick it in the rear?

      • No idea how to stop the silly pattern other than making sure I don’t eat anything overly salty and keeping the calories LOW.

      • Well, waiting to see how it works out.

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