More Good Than Bad

I’ve been pretty flawless for the last 2 months and I’ve dropped about 20 pounds in the diet competition. Last year, I had several Free Lunch Wednesday hiccups and I dropped about 19 pounds.  The moral of the story is that you can have a few mistakes here and there and still lose weight as long as you have more good days than bad.

The damage from the fried shrimp and cake is already a thing of the past. As of this morning, the weight gain is gone and I have a 1 pound loss from my low Thursday morning.

Free Lunch Wednesday!!!

Weight Statistics

Low – 160.5 / Re-fattening Peak – 206
Contest Starting Weight {office scale} – 200.2
Current Weight {office scale} – 181.0
Current Competition Loss – 19.0
Day 60 of 90
Flawless Days – 53!
Contest Cheats – 2!

I imagine the normal weekly pattern will kick in and I will be up tomorrow. I just hope it is a small bounce up and nothing major. I didn’t exactly believe the scale when is showed me 177.5 so I reset the scale 2 more times and it kept coming up 177.5.  With almost 4 weeks to go, I am only 2.5 pounds from my contest goal.   Once again Atkins has helped me drop a big pile of weight. I’m down almost 30 from my re-fattening up to 206.

This year I need to keep it off instead of bouncing up and down.  Not an easy feat with all of the food in the office. 😛

Darn website is acting wonky!

For some reason, it won’t let me post animated gifs today. Oh well. I guess it will be a low tech Sunday post.

Today’s Menu


Breakfast – Burger patty with jalapeno and cheese

Lunch – None

Dinner – Pork loin with salad

Snacks – Almonds

Calories -1200

My sodium is still under 1500 even with the peppers so “in theory” they shouldn’t cause any water problems.

The Bike Decision


No bike until the contest is over. Looking back to when I purchased the stationary bike, my weight stalled a bit when I was riding it regularly. I was cheating a bit with the food but the bike was probably increasing my hunger a bit which led to the cheats. With less than 4 weeks to go in the contest, I’m not going to take any risks by adding another variable into the equation. No bike.   Once the contest is over, I will resume the bike riding, but not until that time. 😛

Happy Dieting, see you later

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

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  1. One of your photos looks like you computer after a Saints Game!! Where can I get the Chair/Bike? LOL! You are doing GREAT!!! BRAVO! Keep up the good work! XOXO

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