Carbs Carbs & More Carbs!

My sweet tooth is back and it won’t go away!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were not very smart diet days. I thought I was out of ingredients to make anything bad but I actually had the ingredients for shortbread cookies which I ended up making on Friday and Saturday night.

My cookies didn’t look anything like that. Mine looked like nightmares but they tasted good enough. 😛

Then I ran to store last night to get some ice cream.

I hope I have the sweet tooth out of my system for now.

Weight Statistics


The scale should drop quickly if I can kick the carbs for a few days. Along with the sweets my sodium intake was through the roof! I’ve been good today so I should have a bit of a drop tomorrow. I won’t lose it all quickly because I did gain some real weight along with the sodium weight. 😦

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – None

Lunch – None

Dinner – Pork loin with salad

Snack – Almonds

Calories -800

I overslept a bit this morning, so I didn’t get my normal breakfast. I’ll get back to a normal calories load tomorrow. This week is going to be tough. I have lunch plans almost every day. I need to stick with salads or nothing at all. Friday is another belated birthday lunch. I think I can get something safe from the grill on Friday. Well, I am out. Short post tonight.

Happy Dieting, see you soon

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

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  1. hang in there man. It is hard to get the right balance

  2. I also have been having a heck of a time this past week with carbs. I think it’s the weather- it’s not nice enough yet where I am, and I’m overcompensating. We can do this- it feels so much better to be ‘on track!’

    • You are right. Feels better to be on track. I think I’m back on track but it will take a few days to get back into the swing of low carbing.

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