Wednesday Report

Last week, the wheels fell off on Wednesday when the free lunch derailed me.  Then I carried that over all the way through Saturday.  I need to have a MUCH better Wednesday this week.

What was for lunch?

Up this week, bbq chicken, fried chicken, mac & cheese, buttered bread, green beans and salad. I was going to skip everything but I started to crack so I grabbed some salad.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – None

Lunch – Chef salad

Dinner – Pork loin with salad

Snacks – Almonds

Calories – 1200

Given the problems I’ve had with the last few Wednesdays, I am happy with how things went today. Good job on the diet front the last 3 days but after 4 weeks of goofing off, the scale has not been nice. Stupid scale!

Weight Statistics


I’m still up about 10 since the competition ended March 28th. No cheats until I get back down to my goal weight of 175.  In theory it shouldn’t take me too long to get back down to 175 as long as I can keep my paws off the cornbread. 😛

I do have a family lunch on Friday, but I think I should be able to order something Atkins friendly.

The Bike

At some point I need to get back on that bike just not tonight.  😀

Happy dieting, see you soon

The Grumpy Man

The Grumpy Man

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  1. I have read … in some research that I have been doing … about when you go low carb … super low carb … that you will rebound 10 pounds. There was a suggestion that one eat low carb all morning then have a modified carb loading meal at night for a week. Then you will gain about 5 pounds. Which if you workout will balance out over time. Just a thought you might try so that you don’t keep having to lose the same pounds over and over again.

    Now, if I can only find what works for me. 😛

    • Well, I’ve mentioned many times that when you leave ketosis you will gain water weight because your body holds onto more water when out of ketosis. My problem has nothing to do with ketosis or carbs. More a problem staying in control and not eating a GIANT skillet of cornbread in two days.

      As I’ve said before, I’m always going to have a fat brain. I just need to do a better job of limiting the damage. 😀

      • Haha … Love you man.

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